The course is designed to train Pizzaioli professionals with expertise on the complete management of a pizzeria.Le thousands of jobs available in Italy in the area, make this profession immediately spendable in the labor market. The training allows you to acquire all the knowledge, practical skills and the small secrets need to prepare a good pizza from the choice of the dough ingredients, from processing to cooking. Learning the rules on food safety and the economic management of a pizzeria complete the theoretical and practical training of the course.


The course is aimed at all those who, despite not having any specific training, want to pursue this profession. Access is allowed to a maximum of 16 participants to ensure the full involvement of all students in the practical phases of the lessons.

Duration and Frequency

The course duration is five weeks on a daily, scheduled from Monday to Friday from 13.30 to 18.30.

At the end of the course, to those who hafrequentato least 90% of lessons and passed the final exam, it will be issued the coquis certificate and the HACCP certificate provided for pizzerias.

Study plan

  • Commodity
  • doughs
  • leavening
    • sourdough
  • condiments
  • round pizza
    • Pizza in baking tin
    • pizza shovel
  • electric oven and a wood stove
  • HACCP food safety
  • educational tour
  • Planning and economic management of a pizzeria
  • over the counter sale


  • Written examination - Oral examination - Practical examination The examination board is composed by the teacher of pizza Chef, an external critic and director of the University of Italian cuisine coquis.


The theoretical and practical activities will take place at our headquarters in Via Flaminia 575, 00191 Rome. The seat coquis is equipped with modern conference rooms, cutting-edge technology and innovation, the University's flagship. The classrooms are designed like the kitchen of a restaurant, with large desk-work and complete with hot and cold lines.

Program taught in:
  • Italian

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Oct 2019
5 weeks
1,650 EUR
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Start Date
Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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