International Culinary Training Programs

"Learn to Cook Like a Thai Chef"


We offer training programs in English for beginners as well as experienced culinary professionals. We can take you from where you are now to higher levels of culinary skills for sure.

Culinary Training School

Training for yacht chefs, new restaurant start-ups, and those wanting to learn how to cook Thai like a Thai.

Our Academy

Our professional culinary training classrooms are new and fully air-conditioned. Each chef student has his own training station complete with gas fryers, granite food preparation area, sink, and eating area. At the head of the training, station is the instructor’s demonstration station where all recipes are first prepared and demonstrated by the chef instructor.

We are in Bangkok, the capital of Thai culinary cooking and the home of world-renowned Thai dishes. Who would know Thai cooking better than us, and where else would you go to properly learn Thai cooking? Our Thai cooking is not fusion or prepared with substitute ingredients. We use authentic ingredients, and we teach you how Thai dishes are supposed to taste. Come and join our finely-tuned and long-running chef course program. You can study 1 week or up to 10 weeks. Practice makes perfect, and this is exactly what you will do with us. You will learn 25-30 professional Thai dishes weekly. Study for 6 weeks learning Thai cuisine or 10 weeks and learn also Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese cuisines.

During your culinary training, you can expect to learn about:

  • Thai ingredients–fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, pastes, sauces,…
  • Professional food presentation
  • Authentic flavors and aromas
  • Mastery of dishes
  • Thai cookware–woks, steamers, fryers,…
  • Curry pastes (made the old fashioned way with mortar & pestle)
  • Stir-frying, Salads, Soups, Starters, Steaming, Deep frying, Desserts
  • Dips, sauces & pastes
  • Thai fruit carving
  • Vegetarian Thai cooking techniques

Our Culinary Training Approach

The best way to learn how to cook is to do it yourself. In our intensive, hands-on program, students –cook, cook, and cook. With recipes in your hand, your chef instructor first explains and demonstrates each dish. You take notes and ask questions. Then it is your turn to duplicate what has been demonstrated. By independently preparing each dish, you learn how to prepare it. Your “creation” is then critiqued, and your instructor tells you how to improve it.

Typically, 5-6 professional Thai dishes are covered in-depth daily (25-30/week). Upon satisfactory completion of assigned dishes, class ends each day.


For those taking 6 weeks or more of culinary training, internships at Thai hotels, resorts, and restaurants are available. Study, learn, and earn on a 6-month Education Visa.

Our Training Courses

All courses below are ALL-INCLUSIVE–tuition includes both course training and accommodations. Most meals are also included.

  • PROFESSIONAL THAI COOKING COURSE —5 to 30 intensive days of basic Thai cooking
  • MASTER THAI CULINARY COURSE–30 days of intensive training (6 weeks of cooking)--accredited by Thai Ministry of Education
  • GRAND MASTER ASIAN CULINARY COURSE--50 Ddays of intensive training (10 weeks)--accredited by Thai Ministry of Education
  • PROFESSIONAL VEGETARIAN THAI COOKING COURSE—5 days of one-on-oneprivate vegetarian training
  • PRIVATE CHEF TRAINING–5-10 days of intensive one-on-one private chef training

Vegetarian & vegan options are available. Ask us for specifics.

Professional Thai Cooking Courses

PROFESSIONAL THAI COOKING COURSE—1 to 6 weeks (5-30 work days), learning 150 of the most popular Thai dishes & curry pastes. For those wishing to learn basic Thai cooking skills quickly. One or all 6 weeks can be taken in any order.

This professional chef course is taught continuously over a rotating 6 weeks schedule. Familiarity with Thai ingredients (market tour included), preparation of these ingredients for cooking, and familiarity with the use of woks, steamers, fryers, cooking utensils are achieved. Ideal for those not familiar with Thai cooking and homemakers. For those wishing to start their own restaurants, this course is a perfect start as it covers the most popular Thai dishes. These 6 weeks are interchangeable and can be taken in any order. The difficulty level is the same for all 6 weeks.

All-Inclusive Tuition* (based on the number of weeks of training):

  • 1 WEEK–25,000 Baht
  • 2 WEEKS–50,000 Baht
  • 3 WEEKS–65,000 Baht
  • 4 WEEKS–85,000 Baht
  • 5 WEEKS–105,000 Baht
  • 6 WEEKS–120,000 Baht

* Includes free accommodations (private room with private bath, air con & wifi) and most meals


  • A Personal Thai Culinary Chef Diploma is awarded upon completion of 1 or 2 weeks.
  • A Professional Thai Culinary Chef Diploma is awarded upon completion of 2-5 weeks.
  • A Master Thai Culinary Chef Diploma is awarded upon completion of 6 weeks of training and is accredited by Thai Ministry of Education

Accommodations (included in your tuition–private room with private bath, wifi, air con):

  • 1 WEEK: 6 nights
  • 2 WEEKS: 13 nights
  • 3 WEEKS: 20 nights
  • 4 WEEKS: 27 nights
  • 5 WEEKS: 34 nights
  • 6 WEEKS: 41 nights

Also, special rates are available for our school students from several 2 to 4-star hotels in our area. Just click HERE to see some choices.

MASTER THAI CULINARY CHEF COURSE—30 intensive days over 6 weeks of intensive professional Thai cooking.

During this time, you will have learned 150+ professional Thai dishes plus fruit carving and banana leaf craft.

Thai cooking skills and knowledge have been fine-tuned, starting with the very basics of Thai ingredients, preparation, cooking, and presentation. Over 150 dishes plus the ability to make at least 12 curry pastes, sticky rice, coconut milk, sauces & dips,…have been mastered. Familiarity with Thai ingredients, cooking utensils, fryers, etc has been accomplished. Cooking skills, confidence, and use of Thai cooking equipment are mastered in this course.

Course Details (30 Work Days):

  • Course start day: Every Monday
  • Days & times: Monday-Friday, 9:30- onwards until all assigned dishes are completed
  • # of dishes taught: 5-6 daily (over 150+ in 6 weeks)
  • Recipes: Provided in English for all dishes, curry pastes, sauces & dips
  • Instruction: In English (except for Thai students)
  • Diplomas: Awarded upon completion of each course
  • Class size: 9 or fewer students
  • Accommodations: Included in this course tuition
  • Deposit: Required to guarantee your seat (25%)
  • Letter of Acceptance: Provided to those in need once a deposit is received

Included in your tuition for ALL chef courses (1 to 6 weeks of training):

  • Ingredients, supplies, cutlery to use
  • Hot coffee, hot tea, and ice water during class
  • All meals cooked by each student (lots and lots–lunch and supper)
  • Recipes in English for all meals prepared
  • Diploma upon completion of each course bearing Academy seal
  • Academy uniform: Black T-shirt and apron
  • Accommodations in a furnished private room with private bath, wifi, air con

5. PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE VEGETARIAN THAI COOKING COURSE— in 5 days of private intensive training, learn 32 of the most popular Thai dishes along with learning how to make tofu, soy milk, 3 curry pastes, and 8 sauces/dips.

Emphasis is placed on maintaining authentic flavors and appearance. Available for both vegetarians, vegans, and those chefs/cooks working in restaurants with vegetarian customers.

Course Details (5 work days):

  • Course start day: Monday-Friday
  • Days & times: Monday-Friday, 9:30 – onwards until all assigned dishes are completed
  • # of dishes taught: 7 daily
  • Recipes: Provided in English for all dishes, curry pastes, sauces & dips
  • Instruction: In English (except for Thai students)
  • Diplomas: Awarded upon completion of each course
  • Class size: One-on-one, private
  • Deposit: Required to guarantee your seat (25%)
  • Accommodations: FREE along with most meals
  • Tuition (includes accommodations): 1 WEEK–50,000 Baht
  • Diploma: A Personal Thai Vegetarian Cooking Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of 1 week.



Specially designed for those desiring intensive one-on-one training with a Thai chef. Ask as many questions as you like, cook lots, work hard, learn the basics and learn advanced Thai culinary skills. Study and cook for as many weeks as you wish, covering up to 30 professional dishes/week. Instead of being in a group of students, this is your chance to select just what you want to learn and learn for as many weeks as you like–just you and a Thai chef.

6. PRIVATE CHEF COURSE—5 days/week of intensive Thai cooking, basic & advanced cooking and presentation with your own Thai chef, AND you select the dishes to learn:

09:30 – onwards until all dishes are completed for the day, usually Monday-Friday (5 work days)

Course Details:

  • Learn Thai ingredients
  • Master use of Thai cookware
  • Select 30-40 dishes/week to master

Tuition: 50,000 Baht/week, 50% deposit required upon confirmation of date desired, balance due first day of class in cash (Thai Baht) or credit card (+3%). Additional students @ 25,000 Baht/week. Tuition includes FREE accommodations and most meals.

  • Duration: You select the number of weeks to learn
  • Start Date: Usually on a Monday
  • # of Students: One-on-one training
  • Diploma: A school diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of this course.
  • Language: English (but translators are available)


  1. Kway Teow (Thai Noodle Soup)
  2. Moo Kata (Thai BBQ)
  3. Thai Desserts
  4. Royal Thai Cuisine
  5. Isaan Cuisine
  6. Sauces, Dips & Pastes
  7. Look Choop
  8. Boiled pork leg (Khao Kha Moo)
  9. Chicken & rice (Khao Man Gai)
  10. Make tofu and soy milk
  11. Crispy roasted pork belly (Moo Krob)
  12. Crispy Thai crepes (Kanom Buang)
  13. Fruit Carving & Garnishing
Program taught in:
  • English
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