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Since 1997, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of July 23, 1997, the Presidential program for training management personnel for organizations of the national economy of the Russian Federation has been implemented in Russia. The strategic goal of the Program is to promote management development to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of Russian enterprises in the context of a globalized economy . As part of the Presidential Program, more than 5,000 leaders of the real sector of the economy are trained annually, including about 200 people in eight regional centers of the LINK International Institute of Management, accredited by the Federal Commission for Organization of Management Training.

“In our organization, it has become a corporate culture to train employees in the Presidential program. I had a wonderful opportunity to get training at LINC. When you come to LINC, you need to remember that this is a practice-oriented business school. It often happened that I applied the concept immediately after class, although adapting it to my field of activity. Studying at the Presidential Program at LINC helped formalize thoughts, ideas, and experience gained by me. Methods and training technologies at LINC allow you to put the knowledge into practice. " Serov Mark Vyacheslavovich, test cosmonaut, deputy head of the flight test department of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, graduate of the Presidential Program

The presidential program includes the following stages:

  • Competitive selection of specialists.
  • Training at a Russian educational institution.
  • Internship at leading Russian or foreign organizations.

Benefits of studying at MIM LINK

  • MIM LINC conducts training in part-time form, ensuring the effective development of the competence of managers on the job.
  • The international level of training programs developed on the basis of unique educational materials of the Open University of Great Britain.
  • LINK is the first business school in practical terms according to the Top 20 rating of the Secret of the magazine magazine (2007, 2008).
  • The cost of training for the Presidential program is 2.5 times lower than similar commercial programs. 33% of the cost is paid by the federal budget, 33% of the budget of the subject of the Russian Federation and 34% is paid by the organization that sends the specialist to training.
  • Opportunity to continue education and get an MBA degree accredited by the international Association of AMBA.

Training Programs (Level A and B)

Within the framework of the Presidential Program, LINC conducts training in two professional retraining programs.
A. Program “Successful Business Management” Level A - Advanced.
B. The program "Management in business" level B - Basic.

Both professional retraining programs are developed on the basis of Open University courses in the UK and have a volume of 550 acad. hour. Programs have a similar structure to the common part and differ in a special part.

Program A is aimed at senior managers and is aimed at implementing a strategic change project from the perspective of its leader. A necessary condition for admission to this program is a successful presentation of the development project of your organization. The special part of the level A program includes a series of trainings aimed at a system-holistic perception of business situations.

Program B is intended for comprehensive professional retraining of managers at various levels and ends with the preparation and defense of the graduation project in the form of a business plan.

The common part of both programs includes the following blocks:

  • Strategic management. It provides knowledge and skills on three main elements of strategic management: strategic analysis, choice of development strategy and its practical implementation.
  • Economics in the practice of manager. Allows you to better understand the patterns of functioning of the economic environment of the company.
  • Management. Designed to develop the competence and effectiveness of the manager in matters of managing himself, the team, staff and the entire organization.
  • Marketing. It will teach you to understand and segment consumers, draw up a marketing plan, improve the components of the marketing mix: product, price, distribution and promotion.
  • Financial management. It allows you to understand the issues of analysis and planning of financial transactions, budgeting, investment decision-making, costing and pricing.
  • Business planning. Gives the skills of a systematic approach to the management of the enterprise and the preparation of a business plan.
  • Foreign language. The program volume of 180 acad. hour. gives students the opportunity to move from the basics of language knowledge to a level that allows them to successfully complete a foreign internship after graduation. The program includes the study of the main course of the foreign language program, for example, “English for busy people” (in accordance with the input level of knowledge of the listener’s language) and the additional business course “Language for business communication”.

MBA degree

The MBA program "Strategy" consists of four blocks:

  • Base
  • Specialization
  • Strategic
  • English

The training ends with the implementation (in parallel with the study of the elective course) and the defense of certification diploma work.

Graduates of the Presidential program have the opportunity to continue their studies at the MBA "Strategy".

Continuing education programs (type Q)

Since 2010, MIM LINC has been training under the continuing education programs Management in Innovation (the Innovative Small Business and Corporate Innovation Management programs) as part of the Presidential Program.

Q programs are designed for managers who want to gain skills in improving the management of innovation in business and organization.

The volume of programs is 120 classroom acad. hour. Both programs have a close structure of the common part and differ in the final part: preparation of a business plan or innovation project in the company. Learning a foreign language is not provided.

Q programs include the following blocks:

  • Fundamentals of innovation: Designing innovative processes and mechanisms for managing them; methods and tools of innovation management; legal basis of innovation. Specificity of forms and leadership styles in the innovation sphere.
  • Innovation development: Innovation market infrastructure; marketing of new products and technologies; innovative pricing methods and cost management methods; sources and methods of financing innovation; risk management; development and implementation of patent policies in the field of innovation.
  • Game imitations: computer business game BUSINESS COURSE: MAXIMUM.

Optional courses. Within the framework of the programs, students study one of the elective courses:

  • Interaction with innovative intermediaries, with consumers and manufacturers of high technology products
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Systemic Approach / Thinking Skills

The final work is the development of a business plan for a small innovative company or an innovative project in a corporation. Gives the skills of a systematic approach to enterprise management.

The cost of the programs is about 20,000 rubles. 34% (about 7 thousand rubles) of the cost should be paid by the company. The rest is from the regional and federal budgets.

The educational process in LINC

It is based on a harmonious combination of three forms of classes:

  • full-time classes at seminars,
  • student's independent work with interactive teaching materials and written assignments,
  • blended-learning technology (blended learning).
  • Training materials are a set of textbooks of workbooks intended for independent study; issued to students at their personal disposal.
  • The educational process includes: conducting seminars (A-16, B-12), writing (A, B-9, Q-2), a Day School for the preparation of a business plan and participation in online conferences.
  • A teacher-consultant, who is usually an experienced practitioner, conducts seminars and advises students, checks written assignments and manages the graduation project.
  • Seminars (tutorials) are held approximately every three weeks using active teaching methods. Training is conducted in relation to the immediate activities of the student.
  • Day school using intensive forms of learning. Students get the opportunity to streamline their knowledge, develop teamwork and business planning skills.
  • Certification takes place in three stages. Two intermediate certifications conduct on-line testing on blocks of disciplines. The final certification consists of an examination in management, on-line testing in a foreign language and defense of the final project in the form of a business plan.

At the end of the Presidential program, the student receives a diploma on professional retraining in the field of management of the established standard, which indicates the number of academic hours and the language program, as well as the right to continue training on the MBA "Strategy" program .

At the end of the Presidential Level Q program, the student receives a Certificate of Professional Development in the established form.

All components and teaching methods are focused on making training as convenient and effective as possible. This technology is inseparable from the educational quality standards system laid down in its foundation.

Requirements for Participants

For level A and B programs:
age not older than 40 years (preferred); higher education; total work experience of at least 5 years; at least 3 years of managerial experience; knowledge of a foreign language; participation in the implementation of the project of development of the sending organization

For Q level programs:
age not older than 40 years (preferred); higher education; total work experience of at least 5 years; at least 2 years of managerial experience; the presence of a project for the development of their own business (in the form of a business plan).

Particular attention during the selection will be given to specialists of large and medium-sized enterprises participating in production restructuring and regional development programs.

The program can be attended by individual specialists and military personnel discharged to the reserve in connection with the reform of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The presidential program does not provide for the training of managers of foreign companies and representative offices that are not registered as legal entities in the Russian Federation.

Admission to the program

Admission to the program is made on a competitive basis and includes the following steps:

  1. Submission of documents for admission to study at the appropriate regional commission of the Presidential Program: Moscow - for residents in Moscow.
  2. Qualification selection (carried out based on the analysis of the submitted documents for compliance with formal requirements).
  3. Competitive tests include an assessment of: motivation of a specialist (essay); level of knowledge of a foreign language (testing); level of knowledge of information technology (testing); level of professional competence (professional interview).
    Specialists who have passed the general competition, who wish to undergo training under Program A and recommended by the competition committee, are interviewed with a presentation of the concept of the organization's development project (individual project assignment).
    (Competitive tests are conducted on a paid basis, type A - 4746 rubles, type B - 3331 rubles, type Q - 2190 rubles from one tested for all competitive tests).
  4. Enrollment of students in educational institutions / groups and payment for training by the organization occurs within 2 months after passing the selection and allows the transfer from one educational institution to another until the final approval of the lists.

To submit documents to the candidate, you must perform the following steps:

  • apply to the regional Commission in Moscow to get the necessary advice on filling out the documents;
  • Obtain consent from the leadership of your organization to study under the Presidential Program and to pay for your studies;
  • in accordance with the instructions, register yourself in the Modeus electronic testing system, print the required forms and submit them to the Regional Commission together with the necessary documents;
  • if you want to enroll in the Presidential program in MIM LINC, you must specify in the "Preferences" tab in the "Preferences" tab in the first two windows "Select a university" - Международный институт менеджмента ЛИНК (in the future, you need to make sure that you are assigned to MIM LINK and, if necessary, to defend its position).

Competitive tests are carried out according to the ball type in accordance with the methodological recommendations of the Federal Commission. Then, as a result of the competition, taking into account the points received, a list of candidates who have completed training is determined. The list is finally approved by the Federal Commission, as a rule, within 2 months.

For candidates who have passed the competition, but who have an insufficient level of knowledge of a foreign language (according to the requirements of PreIntermediate / Threshold), as a rule, preparatory courses are conducted on a preferential basis.


After completing the training, the best specialists receive the right to undergo an internship at leading Russian and foreign organizations. Internships are organized for groups of specialists formed by industry or thematic principle. The duration of the internship, depending on the format and country of conduct, is from 3 to 12 weeks. Foreign internships are held in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, France, Japan, etc.

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