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A preparatory year is a year-long introduction to an undergraduate curriculum. It is designed for students who have either recently graduated from high school or have earned their GED and would like to be better prepared for college.

What is a Preparatory Year in Management? This program is designed for students who think they would like to work in leadership roles. Every curriculum is different, but students will often be introduced to basic business and management principles while developing academic and computer skills. Some programs focus on general management, while others have a particular management focus such as sport, hospitality, retail, or aviation management. Once the year is completed, students are better prepared to begin a management degree program at a college or university.

Students who go through a preparatory year benefit in a number of ways. They build leadership and communication skills that will help them in future professional and personal situations, and they earn college credit while becoming more prepared for challenging coursework.

The costs associated with a management preparatory year will vary significantly from one school to another. There are institutions all over the world that offer this program, so the school location and specific curriculum requirements are big cost factors. Students should call the schools directly to find out what the tuition and other fees will be.

Students with management skills are always in demand. A preparatory year does not lead to a career directly, but it begins to build a foundation that will eventually lead to a profession. Students who go on to earn a management degree will have career opportunities in a variety of management positions, depending on their interests and study focus.

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