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A preparatory year is a one-year program taken by a student before the start of his or her undergraduate degree program. These courses are designed to help students transition into higher level academic study.

What is a preparatory year in German? A preparatory year over the study of the German language helps students develop written and verbal comprehension in German. Students pursuing an education in this field should anticipate the extensive practice of the German language. Some courses in a German language preparatory year may include the study of culture, politics, social trends, history and arts of Germany. It is also possible for students to begin introductory coursework over Germanic linguistics.

There are many social and cognitive benefits to studying a foreign language. Bilingualism can help increase interpersonal skills in addition to looking great on job applications. Studying a language like German can also strengthen a student’s history and cultural knowledge as well as heighten his or her problem-solving skills.

The cost of a preparatory year may depend on the duration of the program and location of the university. Some preparatory programs can be shorter or longer than regular college terms, so students should contact individual universities for more information about tuition and enrollment.

For students who study German, there are numerous career possibilities available for consideration across the world in multiple industries. Many international careers are sought by students who study a foreign language, like working as a translator for journalists or businesspeople. Working in international hubs, like museums or other tourist destinations, is also a way to utilize an education in German.

A preparatory year can help acclimate students to the rigors of a college education, and many universities around the world offer these programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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International Student Preparatory Program

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full time 2 semesters October 2017 Germany Berlin Stade Göttingen + 2 more

If you want to successfully study in Germany, a thorough preparation is the key! The preparatory program at the PFH Private University Göttingen will facilitate your entry into our German degree programs. [+]

Best Course Studies in German 2017. Your benefits Intensive language training technical preparation Intensive support and individual mentoring Extracurricular activities (z. B. Excursions & company visits) Internships Student Buddy Program Preparation is key! If you want to successfully study in Germany, a thorough preparation is the key! The preparatory program at the PFH Private University Göttingen will facilitate your entry into one of our German degree programs: General Management, B.Sc. Orthobionik, B.Sc. Verbundwerkstoffe/Composites, B.Eng We prepare you linguistically and factually prior to the study. You will therefore take the preparatory program of German language courses, and also selected topics of your degree program in part. This way you will already know some content and important technical terms and can even complete some of the exams on a trial basis and be credited on request for study performance. We are at your side. You will receive intensive support for the entire period of the program, so you succeed in preparing for your studies. Who can participate? The preparation program is aimed at prospective students who have a university entrance qualification and are able to demonstrate a minimum knowledge of German at level A2. The end of the preparation program In general, the preparation program begins 12 to 16 months before the actual start of the study. The first step in the preparatory phase of the program is an intensive German course. You will take,, depending on your German language level up to four months: Level A2 / B1: Intensive German Language... [-]