Preparatory Year in Finance

Top Preparatory Year Programs in Finance


During a preparatory year, students take courses that will help them both pass entrance exams and be more successful in higher education study. At many schools, the courses are a mix of those that teach language skills and others such as introductory math.

What is a preparatory year in finance? This year-long set of courses helps students with those prerequisite subjects that are needed for university entrance exams. You will improve your knowledge of both the native language and certain international languages, including English, making your studies in other classes more efficient. Finance students can choose their courses from a wide range in several degree areas, including finance and accounting, business economics, international relations, management, economics and marketing.

Individuals choose to take a preparatory year in finance for several reasons. Someone who plans to begin university studies might want to boost the chances of a passing score on entrance exams. Someone who has completed one degree, but wants to apply for an advanced degree, might want to improve communication skills and other basic knowledge.

The cost for this coursework can be significantly different at each institution you are considering for application. The best policy is to request information regarding all costs from each school.

The career options available for someone who participates in the program are numerous. You will be qualified to apply for positions that include financial analyst, financial consulting, finance manager, financial planner and money manager, along with careers in corporate finance, commercial banking and investment banking. Added schooling provides the student with more opportunities for greater responsibility and earnings. Students develop knowledge in mathematics, accounting, economics and writing.

Financial careers require great communication skills and technical knowledge, but starting with a preparatory year could begin a successful career. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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