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A preparatory year is a period of time in which high school or secondary school graduates undergo a particular course of study in preparation for entry into a four-year college or university. Common all over the globe, preparatory years offer general education that proves useful when pursuing an academic degree.

Just what is a preparatory year in fashion? The primary focus of this period of study is the fast-growing fields of fashion and merchandising. Students taking part in a fashion-focused preparatory year should expect to closely review production, design and commerce as they relate to the multibillion-dollar global fashion industry. Additional attention will be given to the fundamentals of the field, and students will learn to analyze and identify consumer needs as well as establish how those needs are best addressed. Further review of marketing considerations and trends, trend analysis, and international fashion production and merchandising should also be expected.

Those who successfully complete a prep year in fashion are equipped with the skills and educational foundation necessary for pursuing a four-year degree in a similar industry, as well as the tools needed to make a smooth transition into higher education.

There is significant variation in the cost of taking a preparatory year in fashion. Final costs depend on a number of factors, such as the prestige of the program and where, geographically, it’s being offered.

Students who complete a fashion prep year and then continue on to earn degrees are prepared for a broad number of roles in fashion and merchandising around the globe. Common career aspirations for fashion graduates include working in fashion merchandising, management and manufacturing, or in the promotion and marketing of related products and services.

A preparatory year in fashion is a good idea for anyone looking to enter the thriving global fashion industry. Explore the many options that exist by reviewing our extensive directory of programs, and utilize the lead form when you find one that fits your needs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Preparatory Course in Portfolio Surgery

Istituto Marangoni
Campus Full time 1 month September 2017 Italy Milan France Paris + 2 more

The aim of the short intensive course is to raise the standard of the creative portfolios presented by candidates for admission to Istituto Marangoni Master’s Courses who already have the appropriate... [+]

Best Course Studies in Fashion 2017. The Course The aim of the short intensive course is to raise the standard of the creative portfolios presented by candidates for admission to Istituto Marangoni Master’s Courses who have already the appropriate qualifications and who have been accepted onto the course. The improvement comes about through reaching the required standards of proficiency in research, illustration techniques, study of 3D volumes, or in the technical representation of garments. Tutorials will help students to perfect their analysis of the world of fashion through sourcing of images and cultural influences, both when considering a design and ultimately when planning the development of a career in fashion. The study of trends in the language of contemporary fashion communication will give students greater knowledge broad enough for them to make a smooth transition to the master’s course. The approach to design and the technical study of illustration allows for the analysis of the human body and helps students to understand its essential proportions so that they can represent garments effectively. The ability to understand volume and the technical design of clothing will be the goal of the course, one that allows the student to have a holistic vision of the creative process. Individual meetings with the tutors is an opportunity to improve portfolios. Learning Outcomes develop primary and secondary research using different sources; contextualise current trends through illustrating contemporary fashion; demonstrate the understanding of construction through the representation of technical drawing; present a collection to a professional standard. Course Themes research trend illustration / drawing pattern cutting / modeling Language Italian English [-]