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Top Preparatory Year Programs in Business English

A preparatory year refers to classes that a student may need to take in order to prepare to enter an undergraduate program. It is used to complete whatever prerequisites for the program that the student is lacking, either basics in the field to be studied or the language in which it will be taught.

What is a preparatory year in business English? Some of the best business programs offered are in the English language. This course of study is designed for students who are lacking in their English ability or who want to focus more specifically on the terms they are likely to encounter when studying for a degree in business that is taught in the English language, which will include concepts based in such areas as math, finance, human resources, accounting and marketing.

Immersing oneself in the study of business English will help foreign students ensure that they are able to focus on the new business concepts that will be presented during their undergraduate degree program, rather than being distracted by the language itself. In addition, the extra level of English expertise can help with employment both before and after the degree is completed.

The cost of enrolling in a preparatory year program will depend on the institution that one chooses and where it is located. Many people look to online courses of study as a way of reducing costs.

Not only are some of the best business programs in the world taught only in English, it is often vital to attend one of them in order to work in an English speaking company. Studying at the college level is difficult enough without understanding the language well. In addition, these preparatory courses are useful for enhancing your marketability in whatever field you are experienced in, especially if you will need to work your way through your undergraduate years.

Learning a language, especially one as widely used in business as English, never goes to waste. To get started right away, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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2 Results in Business English Lugano Campus

With us, you will get the unique opportunity to get a real hands-on experience in the world of Entrepreneurship based on a learning-by-doing approach. The program has a d ... [+]

During the two weeks course in Entrepreneurship, you will be mentored by coaches and not professors. You will be working together in a co-shared space instead of classrooms and you will be challenged like real Entrepreneurs.

You will be required to use your judgment, acquired knowledge, make observations and establish an understanding of market needs for which you will have to develop product solutions. Together with your team, you will examine the business potential of your ideas and their chances of success.

Additionally, you will be exposed to visiting experts who will perform ad hoc sessions on various topics of interest.

You will acquire basic information on entrepreneurship and 21st-century skills in functional ways.... [-]

Switzerland Lugano
Open Enrollment
2 weeks
The College, Swansea University

If you do not meet the English Language requirement for direct entry to your chosen pathway, you can receive the required amount of English Language tuition to prepare yo ... [+]

If you do not meet the English Language requirement for direct entry to your chosen pathway, you can receive the required amount of English Language tuition to prepare you for successful entry into your chosen programme at a later date. The English Language training is conducted by Swansea University's English Language Training Services (ELTS).

How to apply for English Language Tuition?

Download the Application Form and return to us at The College. If you have further queries please contact us at

Are there any English test exemptions?

Please note that where appropriate (i.e. you have obtained the relevant score) The College will continue to exempt the need for IELTS from students who have taken local examinations in English such as WAEC, KSCE, ICSE, HKDSE, A-level, IB, SPM and STPM (including forecast results) etc. and to exempt students who can demonstrate where they have been taught through the medium of English.... [-]

United Kingdom Swansea
August 2019
2 - 6 weeks