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Top Preparatory Year Programs in Architecture Studies

Preparatory programs offer students the opportunity to get into the habit of university study before delving into the upper-level courses of their major. Most preparatory programs last approximately one year and cover both broad and interest-specific topics.

What are preparatory programs in architecture studies? Architecture is the study of structures and spaces. A proper introduction to the world of architecture is essentially an introduction to the world itself. Art, history, science, philosophy, literature and religion all play a role in the designs and forms that buildings take. A preparatory program in architecture will likely also include courses in technical drawing and mathematics, particularly geometry.

A preparatory program in architecture studies helps scholars learn to see the world through a builder’s lens, and can enhance their artistic creativity. These skills may help them stand out among their peers when they compete for the chance to design a new structure. The program is also designed to give students the well-rounded knowledge needed to further their career in architecture.

Preparatory programs are offered in many universities worldwide. The courses taken during these programs tend to fall within a similar price range to other courses at the university at which they are taken.

Students of architecture studies often proceed to careers related to the creation and preservation of various structures within both urban and rural locations. Becoming an architect or the owner of an architecture firm is a common career path for graduates. Program participants may decide to pursue work in historical preservation, protecting structures that tell humanity’s story. Some become landscape architects, focusing on areas surrounding buildings. Others may choose to take a macro-design route and become urban planners.

There are many universities around the world that offer preparatory programs in architecture studies. Learners who need a flexible program that accommodates their work or family schedule may benefit from online programs. Search for your program and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Charles University The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies

Does artistic talent lie within you? Do you dream of becoming an architect? Register for one of our preparatory courses for artistic studies at our ... [+]

Does artistic talent lie within you? Do you dream of becoming an architect? Register for one of our preparatory courses for artistic studies at our centre in Prague-Krystal!

The course focuses on intensive Czech tuition and the subjects in which students will sit university entrance exams. This is why we offer future artists subjects such as art, art history or an artistic seminar. For aspiring architects we also offer descriptive geometry, mathematics or technical drawing.

The fields of study can be broken down using the following key:

Economics subjects – Prague-Hostivar, Poděbrady Technical subjects – Prague-Hostivař, Poděbrady, Liberec Humanities subjects – Prague-Krystal, Poděbrady Science subjects – Mariánské Lázně Artistic subjects and architecture – Prague-Krystal Czech Language for Foreigners - Prague-Albertov Application form ... [-]
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