Postgraduate in Strategic Window Dressing, Visual Design and Branding


Program Description



The window dressing course with postgraduate degree in Strategic Window dressing

With expert teachers and 70% practical and 30% theoretical content, you will learn to bring window dressing projects from start to finish. It will provide you with the necessary strategies, tools and creativity to stand out in the sector. With own practice and employment bag.

The realization of this course with the postgraduate in Visual merchandising

The course can also be taught online.


  • Learn the professional skills of the Window Dresser.
  • Design and intervene in the brand image of stores, stands, pop up stores, flagship stores, corners, etc.
  • Achieve creative and innovative projects that differentiate the brand of its competition and position it in the market.
  • Interpret light, color, shapes, volumes and all those aspects related to design.
  • Know materials, techniques and strategies for building windows of different types and products.
  • Carry out promotional and alternative communication actions at the point of sale.
  • Participate in ephemeral architecture, set design, museology and event management projects.
  • Collaborate with professionals in graphic design, art, marketing and related disciplines.
  • Reach a solid foundation to develop the professional career nationally and internationally.

The Plús de Ártidi

The plus represents 25% of the course content.

  • Ártidi has been the only training center that has carried out professional qualifications together with ICQP (Official Organization of the Generalitat de Catalunya).
  • The teaching team of Ártidi is made up of professionals from the active sector.
  • Through the ÁRTIDI WORKING website, students have the opportunity to rent or sell the windows created during the course, allowing the promotion, recovery and investment of the economic amount received for new projects. ÁRTIDI WORKING is located in the top positions of search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
  • In Ártidi we conduct annual In Company training to more than 20 companies from different sectors such as Nike; Adidas; Trade Changes; Freipan among others. This contact with the companies allows us to adapt our training programs to the reality of the current market thus covering the needs of the companies.
  • Ártidi has optimal facilities for the formation of window dressing and visual merchandising (40 showcases, pilot shop, equipped workshops, 3D design classroom, mannequins, etc. among other equipment).
  • A program where creativity applied to innovation is enhanced.
  • Image consulting applied to mannequins.
  • 8 out of 10 window dressers and visual merchandisers who practice as professionals have been trained in Ártidi.
  • We allocate a part of the annual budget to research, innovation and innovation of our job board.
  • At the end of the course, a professional counselor advises students about work outings taking into account their studies; Professional experience and a personalized SWOT analysis.
  • Ártidi is a reference in window dressing and visual merchandising that is why we have exceeded 200 appearances in different national and international media.


The teaching team is composed of active professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

  • José Luis Martínez (General Director of Ártidi and trainer of ICE trainers of the University of Barcelona)
  • Marta Asensio (Window Dresser and Visual Freelance)
  • Bea Parras (Fashion designer, window dresser and visual)
  • Esther Parra (Industrial Designer, Window Dresser, Visual Freelance)
  • David Gómez (Window Dresser and Visual Freelance)
  • Mónica Ibañez (Visual Image Coordinator of the Trucco Company)
  • Alexandra Proaño (Architect and space designer)
  • Ona Lohse (Decorator, Window Dresser and Visual Freelance)
  • Jordi Llobet (Marketing, branding and communication expert)
  • Francesc Estall (Expert in interior lighting)

Consult the guidance department of the professors of each edition.

What can you contribute

  • Direct and develop global window dressing actions.
  • Apply creativity as a work tool.
  • Conduct studies and analysis of new trends, movements and urban channels.
  • Techniques and strategies of assembly in events and trade fairs.
  • Analysis, direction and development of window dressing campaigns.
  • Conceptual marketing techniques applied to window dressing.
  • Analyze the factors involved in the different targets and application of visual resources.
  • Design, construction and assembly of projects and ephemeral decoration elements.

Collaborating Companies

Ártidi has an active job bank with more than 90 collaborating companies to carry out training practices with different international and national recognition companies: Ikea, Escada, La Mallorquina, Inditex Group, Custo, LRoptics, Adolfo Dominguez, Intersport, McGregor, Oysho, Reebok, Pronovias, Swatch, La Perla, Adidas among others.

The school organizes activities and events with large shopping centers, associations, fairs and markets, art galleries and companies where students' projects are exhibited.

Degree and Accreditation

Degree: Master in Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. Awarded by Ártidi Superior School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. National and international professional skills.

In order to obtain the Master's degree in Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising, it will be necessary to complete the European Technical Postgraduate in Window dressing European Technical Postgraduate in Visual Merchandising an ARTIDI specialization course .

Groups and Hours

Aimed at professionals of trade, window dressing, merchandising, marketing, interior design, fashion, styling, image consultants and also interested without prior knowledge who wish to obtain a training and postgraduate degree from ÁRTIDI to guide their work career.

  • Postgraduate Computing: it is equivalent to the realization of the 2 training modules, the completion of the final project and the CACC, Credit of extension and load of the courses.
  • Ártidi reserves the possibility of delaying the start of the groups or deciding to cancel them due to organizational problems or because there is no minimum number of students enrolled.
  • Both the dates and the schedules of the groups can be modified by the center, in this case the enrollees will be informed and they will have the right to be returned the amount paid by the classes.
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

En la década de los 80, un colectivo de emprendedores inicia su actividad profesional como escaparatistas y merchandisers en Barcelona. Progresivamente la oferta de servicios de decoración comercial s ... Read More

En la década de los 80, un colectivo de emprendedores inicia su actividad profesional como escaparatistas y merchandisers en Barcelona. Progresivamente la oferta de servicios de decoración comercial se extiende a otras comunidades dando paso en 1990 al primer curso de escaparatismo en Barcelona para la Cámara de Comercio y posteriormente ampliando. Read less