Postgraduate in Scenography and Audiovisual Art Direction


Program Description


The audiovisual product is today one of the most used media and artistic expression. The audiovisual sector grows in TV, advertising and cinema and there is a technical and creative need for the staging of the content. The figure of the audiovisual art director allows to create visual quality products, with an aesthetic sense and treating the result as a whole.

This course responds to a need to train those interested in art direction applied to audiovisual media. It is aimed at interior designers, designers, creatives, graduates in Fine Arts, Art History, publicists and architects.

Students are prepared to understand and be able to create scenery and worlds according to each need. The knowledge, techniques and tools of the sector are offered as well as the key tools to transmit sensations through the camera.

In Ártidi, we give a specific training where different areas are taught from an innovative and current perspective. These programs are taught from the broadest concept, with the main objective of each student learning to apply the whole set of strategies in each professional activity in a competitive and effective way.

The Specialization is an exclusive course of Ártidi and consists of an own degree with national and international competences recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP and Trends School.

The course has a duration of 210 hours, it is structured in 3 training modules where theory and practice are combined with the completion of a final project.


  • Introduce students to the world of set design.
  • Deepen the knowledge of audiovisual language and its possibilities.
  • Create new realities according to a product.
  • Provide tools and processes of creation and design to communicate to the viewer.
  • Acquire the skills and abilities to carry out an audiovisual art direction.
  • Know the tools and techniques for the construction and creation of audiovisual scenarios.
  • Conditioning an empty field to turn it into a sensitive space to communicate the brand through the creative process and the montage of scenes.
  • Evoke an appropriate scenic climate for a given space.
  • Have a mastery of the application of shapes and colors.
  • Position the student in a competitive work environment.

The Plús de Ártidi

  • Our set designer is the art director of the event not a part of the gear.
  • It allows you to create communicative actions using the scenery as a claim.
  • Create events based on the scenery.
  • The scenographer brings added value to companies as they can also make shop windows and scenographic installations.
  • At the end of the course, a professional counselor advises students about work outings taking into account their studies; Professional experience and a personalized SWOT analysis.


The teaching team is composed of active professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

  • Marc Chornet (audiovisual producer: Creation and audiovisual language. Bachelor of drama in the specialty of direction and dramaturgy)
  • Sergi Corbera (set designer and art director. Art direction languages and conception of the idea)
  • Laura Clos (set designer and art director. Creative techniques and materials for art direction)
  • Azucena Ferrer (advertising art director. Development and realization of art direction)
  • Jordi Llobet (branding applied audiovisual aesthetics)
  • Fausto Leoni (art director and stylist)

Consult the guidance department of the professors of each edition.

What can you contribute

  • Direction and development of global actions in scenery.
  • Create original and functional exhibition spaces for companies selling products or services.
  • Design of ephemeral scenery for shows or leisure events.
  • Design and planning of assembly of ephemeral exhibition spaces for commercial brands.
  • Creation of interior atmospheres of commercial spaces.
  • Innovative techniques to create spaces with their own identity.
  • Visual expression techniques and get the stamp of personal creativity.
  • Application of shapes, volumes and colors in commercial spaces of brands.
  • Design, construction and assembly of projects and ephemeral decoration elements.
  • Analysis and development of brand personality.

Collaborating Companies

Ártidi has a job board (Artidiempleo) with more than 90 collaborating companies to carry out training practices in different collaborating companies of international and national recognition: Ikea, Escada, La Mallorquina, Grupo Inditex, CustoBarcelona, LRoptics, Adolfo Domínguez, Intersport, McGregor , Oysho, Reebok, Pronovias, Swatch, La Perla, Adidas among others.

The school organizes activities and events in collaboration with large shopping centers, associations, fairs and markets, art galleries and companies where students' projects are exhibited.

Degree and Accreditation

Degree: Postgraduate in Scenography and Audiovisual Art Direction: TV, Advertising and Cinema

Awarded by Ártidi Superior School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. National and international professional skills.

Last updated Mar 2020

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