Postgraduate in Marketing Management (Porto)


Program Description


Through the IPAM Graduate Programs, you can enter a reference school with a 34-year history in marketing education in Portugal, always at the forefront of knowledge, where proximity to companies is a constant.

As the First Marketing School in Portugal, IPAM Porto has sought to anticipate the needs of the market by developing multidisciplinary programs that correspond to the updating and development needs of managers and managers.

The graduate programs are directed to individuals of any scientific area who wish to acquire a solid conceptual base in the field of Marketing and equip themselves with the tools and the necessary skills to its application in the business practice. From the point of view of professional career development, the programs are specially structured to provide a level of quality training that matches the needs of those seeking a solid career in the field of Marketing Management in its various aspects.

In its design, special care was taken to provide students with a wide range of areas, tailoring them to the training preferences and the specific needs of each. With a vast and multidisciplinary team of teachers and specialists, mostly from the business world, we want to help you create or refound your business / project / idea and fulfill your challenge, based on different teaching and learning formulas.

Main benefits

  1. Participants will share business challenges presented by business leaders and contribute to their resolution. »Skill Ignition
  2. They will solve business challenges, presenting proposals solidified by theoretical knowledge, coupled with critical intelligence and emotional ability. »Creative Change
  3. They will gain experience with teachers from large business groups and innovative companies. »Experiential Approach
  4. To absorb the technical-scientific knowledge of research professors. »Knowledge Synergy
  5. Present external entities and potential business partners


  • Marketing and sales managers, seeking to gain competencies to ascend in a qualified way to management positions.
  • Professionals related to product management, sales, communication, advertising, public relations, after-sales service and customer support, among others, who are or intend to be directly connected to the market and to final customers / consumers.
  • Managers, entrepreneurs and liberal professionals who want to develop a marketing attitude that enhances the connection of their business to the target markets and widens the number and value of opportunities.




Summit Marketing Management

Hugo Ribeiro da Silva

Marketing Management in the Global and Digital Age

Pedro Rodrigues

Strategic Marketing Management

Tiago Gouveia

Consumer Trends and Behavior in the Digital Age

Mafalda Ferreira

B2B2C B2B Operational Management

Rui Dias

Branding 4.0: Brand Applied Management in the Digital Age

Paula Risked

Digital Marketing Strategy and Business Transformation

Pedro Rodrigues

Management of Commercial Teams and Sales Processes

Pedro Aguiar

Optimizing the "Customer Life Time Value"

James Fleming

Marketing Intelligence

Hugo Ribeiro da Silva

Marketing Information Systems and CRM

Joaquim Dias

Marketing and SMEs "Suppliers" or "Customers" POV (point of view)

Miguel Correia

Business 4.0: e-Commerce and the Future of Retail

James Fleming

Integrated Marketing Plan

Nunes Carneiro

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

IPAM is a school that has over 30 years of experience in teaching marketing, having always offered education of excellence in close proximity to companies and the markets. Our teaching model combines ... Read More

IPAM is a school that has over 30 years of experience in teaching marketing, having always offered education of excellence in close proximity to companies and the markets. Our teaching model combines theory and practice, taught by faculty with business experience and real-world challenges that are posed to students by companies. The environment at IPAM Lisbon is one of professionalism, competence, and determination. The students are true Marketing Managers when starting or developing their careers. Read less
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