This postgraduate course was designed to respond to the demands that the new business ecosystem poses to organizations, since marketing is the central function of the business, understanding its evolution will determine a better individual performance of the people directly or indirectly involved in Marketing and, therefore, of the organizations where they collaborate.
It presents border issues and a vision of the new 4.0 enterprise, ie global and customer centric, focused on business, value, integrated, digical (digital and physical integration) and innovative.

It is innovative and encompasses top technological, digital and procedural aspects of the organizations world. It allows a strong sharing of experiences with teachers specialized in and with extensive national and international experience in top organizations in each of the themes presented. In addition, it contributes to an understanding of what Marketing really is these days and its potential to leverage the business and has a transversal utility for Administrators, directors, managers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

It was designed to train people in the practical application of concepts to the real situations of organizations, to develop skills in terms of the design and production of a marketing plan and to create a network of contacts with colleagues, teachers, speakers, businessmen and institutions .

Main benefits

  • Identify the sources of change, trends, the essentials of business and marketing these days.
  • Define the role and organization of the Marketing function in companies.
  • Identify the key aspects of a given situation through the development of analysis methodologies.
  • Understand how the various organizational areas contribute to the business and determine how an organization responds to customer focus, digital, social and relational logic with different stakeholders.
  • Develop personal skills that are necessary for a top manager and understand the methodologies of market analysis and its application.
  • Translate into the various areas of the organization the concepts in analysis metrics.
  • Be able to develop and manage integrated projects within an organization.


  • CMO's, commercial and sales managers who wish to upgrade and renew business and marketing skills in a 4.0 environment;
  • Directors of different functional areas, who want to understand the Marketing function in the organization;
  • Tables that perform different functions in several areas such as communication, sales, customer management, public relations, distribution, product management, among others;
  • Businessmen;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Consultants.


Program taught in:
  • Portuguese

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