Postgraduate in Commercial Interior, Visual and Retail Design


Program Description


The commercial, visual interior design course

The acquired knowledge will open to the students another line of services to offer within the sector of the sale and of the design, allowing to develop fundamental projects for the improvement of commercial establishments. Graphic design, lighting, color psychology, setting, plans or materials are some of the module contents.

The Commercial, Visual and Retail Interior Design course prepares students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to design, plan and direct global commercial interior projects, thus achieving better commercial objectives and higher sales. The tools and techniques will allow you to design a store, a hotel hall, a gym, etc.

Commercial interior design is a creative practice that analyzes the information of a space open to the public, establishes an address, marks a design and produces graphic communication and construction documents. In addition, it takes into account styles, functionality, space, the client, the basis of the design and the image as a whole.

In Ártidiformamos professionals capable of creating functional spaces that favor the purchase and that transmit a feeling of well-being and satisfaction to the client. You will acquire knowledge about corporate image, furniture, structures, spaces and also about product placement, hot and cold points, sales typology, exhibitors among others.

The Specialization is an exclusive course of Ártidi and consists of an own degree with national and international competences recognized by ASEMAIC, ACAP and TrendsSchool.

The postgraduate course Commercial, visual and retail interior design has a duration of 210 hours, is structured in 3 training modules where theory is combined with practice and the completion of the final project where each student will develop according to their concerns and interests.


  • Train students in the specific field of commercial interior design.
  • Show the design process and the work plan to carry out a project.
  • Develop in them the ability to treat space and different materials.
  • Contribute knowledge in trends, corporate image, color, furniture and eco-design.
  • Create the ability to merge functionality and design by introducing knowledge of the Visual Merchandising field.
  • Learn to design spaces that respond to the needs of each client and that differentiate it from the competition.
  • Work creativity from a business point of view and development of interior design projects.
  • Encourage students to create new sales trends and position them in a competitive global framework.

The Plús de Ártidi

  • Practical program taught in small groups.
  • Our interior designers bring a plus to companies as they have the point of view of a visual merchandiser.
  • The course is taught from the aesthetic, functional and sales point of view.
  • With this training your interior design projects will continue as you can follow up as visual merchandising and AVEC advisor.
  • Trade marketing application
  • At the end of the course, a professional counselor advises students about work outings taking into account their studies; Professional experience and a personalized SWOT analysis.


The teaching team is composed of active professionals with national and international professional recognition in different brands. A team that integrates training with business reality.

  • José Manuel Fernández (Architect of the La Granja studio)
  • Francesc Estall (Lighting Expert)
  • Alexandra Proaño (Architect and space designer)
  • Esther Parra (Industrial Designer, Window Dresser, Visual Freelance)
  • Jordi Llobet (Bachelor of Information Science and expert in business and institutional communication)
  • Íñigo Gómez (Architect and interior designer specialized in retail, fairs and products)

Consult the guidance department of the professors of each edition.

What can you contribute

  • Management and direction of global projects for commerce.
  • Design of commercial spaces from an aesthetic and functional point of view to achieve an increase in sales.
  • Design and assembly of Pop up Stores.
  • Application of visual strategic merchandising at the point of sale.
  • Organization and application of trade marketing techniques and strategies
  • Contribution of the latest trends and ways of implementing the product at the point of sale and applying them depending on the company.
  • Projects with low budget for new businesses or franchises.
  • Creation of assembly in events and trade fairs.
  • Ecodesign application in the decoration of ephemeral and commercial spaces.
  • Realization of commercial interior design projects / visual merchandising in 3D.

Collaborating Companies

Ártidi has an active job bank with more than 90 collaborating companies to carry out training practices with different international and national recognition companies: Ikea, Escada, La Mallorquina, Grupo Inditex, CustoBarcelona, LRoptics, Adolfo Domínguez, Intersport, McGregor, Oysho, Reebok, Pronovias, Swatch, La Perla, Adidas among others.

Degree and Accreditation

Degree: Postgraduate in Commercial, Visual and Retail Interior Design

Awarded by Ártidi Superior School of Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising. National and international professional skills.

Last updated Mar 2020

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En la década de los 80, un colectivo de emprendedores inicia su actividad profesional como escaparatistas y merchandisers en Barcelona. Progresivamente la oferta de servicios de decoración comercial s ... Read More

En la década de los 80, un colectivo de emprendedores inicia su actividad profesional como escaparatistas y merchandisers en Barcelona. Progresivamente la oferta de servicios de decoración comercial se extiende a otras comunidades dando paso en 1990 al primer curso de escaparatismo en Barcelona para la Cámara de Comercio y posteriormente ampliando. Read less