Postgraduate degree in Executive Restaurant Management


Program Description

Learning about and having control of our business in depth gives us the peace of mind and the vision needed when proposing changes, taking new risks and opting for new formats that meet the needs of the market. The ability to anticipate change is of utmost importance. To this end, we must be familiar with the resources at our disposal so that we can optimize them without surprises.

The aims of the postgraduate program in Executive Restaurant Management are:

  • To teach students how to get the most out of the establishment and its personnel.
  • To know it in depth and lead work teams.
  • To give students a broad economic vision of the business, in order to exploit it and maximize its performance.
  • 20% of the course is aimed at giving students the necessary skills in negotiation techniques, intense communication, management by values and crisis management, with a special emphasis on and dealing with the three most plausible future business model scenarios, including three 6-hour experiential visits.

There is no course more exciting than this one: you soon realize that what you experience today will happen tomorrow


1. Provide students with the methodology required to plan their activity and for economic and financial control, as well as basic knowledge of regulations and legislation in the catering trade.

2. Teach students about the tools required to plan, improve the performance of and make the most of people and work groups.

3. Teach students how to boost business and make the most of resources.

4. Provide students with the tools to manage their relationship with members of staff, sharing mutual corporate values.

5. Teach students how to plan communication, loyalty and brand value campaigns.

6. Teach, through theory and practice, the knowledge and analytical vision needed to draw a distinction between different catering business models.

At whom it is aimed

At restaurant owners who want to explore the executive management of their establishments in depth and improve their performance and sales, and improve how they operate.

For individuals who wish to create new business projects related to the catering trade.

Requisites for admission

Pass the pre-admission interview.

Admission process

1. Complete the admission form and submit documentation.

This process is completed online using this link.

2. Admission test and level of Spanish language proficiency.

Even though we will provide you with the simultaneous translation pilot system, some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. The admission test will give is an indication of your level and of your personality traits, willingness to work and creativity.

3. Interview with the program coordinator.

You will have a telematic interview with the program coordinator, who will assess your compatibility with the group and your contribution to the same.

4. Admissions Committee.

Your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee, which will make the final decision based on information received during the process.

5. Approval and reservation.

If the opinion is positive, you will be able to enroll by paying for a place booking. Welcome to CIB!

Last updated Sep 2020

About the School

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona is designed so that you have a unique and unrepeatable experience based on multiculturalism, creativity and innovation.

The Culinary Institute of Barcelona is designed so that you have a unique and unrepeatable experience based on multiculturalism, creativity and innovation. Read less