Postgraduate Master of Fine Arts in Motion Picture Medium


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Program Description


The MFA offers the mature student an opportunity to master the knowledge to create and monetise high quality, engaging narratives that entertain local audiences.

In addition to developing students’ capacity on a feature-length scale, the AFDA MFA provides the film, television and entertainment industries with research results on the development of local audience groups, production systems, and strategies to grow the market.



The MFA student selects a research topic within a specialist field. The aim of the research is to provide a tangible contribution in the field of specialisation that can directly impact on the growth and development of the local entertainment industries.

Students are required to keep a learning journal in which they reflect on the learning process and the insights they gain, both in terms of research practice and their experiential learning during production.

Professional Practice: Students can choose the MFA in one of two elective streams:

  1. Story Adaptation and Screenplay
  2. Production - Motion Picture Medium

The production outcomes for the Story Adaptation and Screenplay stream offer the following:

  1. The adaptation of an existing narrative
  2. The development of an original narrative into:
  • full-length feature film script, or a
  • pilot and second episode of a television series, and a written outline for the series.

The screenplay or teleplay is reviewed by:

  1. Recognised industry experts and/or
  2. A pitch to a panel of producers.

The aim of the pitch is to have the production commissioned for production.

The production outcomes for the Production stream are the following:

  1. The development, preproduction, production, post-production and public exhibition of a feature-length (48 – 90 minute) production for one of the following:
  2. A documentary
  3. narrative feature film
  4. A television series pilot, and first episode
  5. The equivalent of a feature length entertainment production for distribution and exhibition on new media platforms
  6. A combination of 3 special projects, drawn from the following list:
  • A short narrative film (24 minutes duration)
  • A pilot for a television series or novella
  • Three commercials
  • A short documentary (24 minutes duration)
  • A factual entertainment TV project of 48 minutes duration

Students will collaborate with other AFDA MFA students on their production outcomes. Alternatively, a student may participate in a professional production to achieve the above, provided that all the rules and regulations pertaining to AFDA production assessments are adhered to in full.

The MFA is offered as a part-time degree, over two years. Students who choose to take it on a full-time basis, are able to complete the course in one year.


If you have a Postgraduate Honours (or 4th-year equivalent) degree in a related field and/or ten years in a key capacity in the industry, you can make an RPL (First Time) application for an MFA degree. You will have to submit a portfolio to demonstrate that you have the relevant intellectual and craft skills for the AFDA curriculum. Either discipline or core course bridging might be required.

Disciplines Offered

In Postgrad, there is an element of discipline focus and specialization. However, Postgraduate students do not attend discipline focused classes in the structure that AFDA’s Undergraduate BA students do. The discipline forms more the guideline for their research focus as well as their role in the MFA outcome/s.

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About the School

AFDA was founded in 1994 by Garth Holmes, Bata Passchier and Deon Opperman.

AFDA was founded in 1994 by Garth Holmes, Bata Passchier and Deon Opperman. Read less
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