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A postgraduate diploma is awarded to students who complete a course of study.  This course of study usually happens after a bachelor’s program, and it can be helpful for students in need of specialized skills for the workplace.

Study in marketing and communication opens up opportunities across all industries, as all organizations need to communicate with their workers and clients. Job seekers trained in marketing and communication can find job openings at marketing firms as well as large corporations.



France is currently among the 20 best performing countries in terms of the economy due to their excellent results-oriented higher education learning. Most of the courses at universities are offered in the French language. France has 60 public and 100 private universities.

Paris is the most populated city in France and its capital. It has over 2 million residents. It plays host to leading centers of learning and the arts in the European region. Being home to the highest number of highly educated persons, Paris has several prestigious universities in France.

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Other options within this field of study:
ESLSCA Business School

This course is intended for candidates wishing to assimilate all techniques of management and management, to develop their personal qualities in a professional dimension, ... [+]

Postgraduate Diploma Programs in Marketing Studies in Paris in France. Founded in 1949, in the heart of Paris, near the Eiffel Tower, ESLSCA Business School has exceptional assets for higher management studies: a faculty composed of high-level experts, effective international relations, A network of companies involved in studies and internships, an enriching associative and cultural life. The "training and education" at the ESLSCA Business School is thus global and is concretized by a very broad generalist core curriculum to which are added specialization majors best suited to the taste of the student and the needs of companies. A good decision-maker, a good negotiator and a good strategist, the graduate of the ESLSCA Business School is also a good manage... [-]
France Paris
October 2019
3 years