Postgraduate Diploma - Corporate Management and Strategic Planning

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

Program Description

Postgraduate Diploma - Corporate Management and Strategic Planning

The Cyprus Institute of Marketing

Postgraduate Diploma - Corporate Management and Strategic Planning

The primary objective of the Corporate Management & Strategic Planning program is to develop the analytical abilities necessary for effective decision making. The student receives a broad and thorough training in the kinds of problem solving that will equip him/her for decision making responsibilities in Business and industrial Corporations. This Program is designed in such a way so as to enable individuals to study advanced concepts in business and industry.

It is intended for active managers and technical supervisors, as well as recent graduates interested in advanced study in the exciting field of business. To this end, the course provides opportunities to acquire and/or develop:

1. The basic analytical skills for management, including fundamental concepts and principles from various management disciplines and the use and application of these skills.

2. A breath and in selected areas a depth of knowledge across a broad range of management contexts.

3. Skills in using the management tools in an imaginative, orderly problem-solving capacity by first identifying problems analyzing alternative solutions and, finally implementing the chosen solutions.

4. The facility for improving the ability of students to make and carry out decisions.

5. The facility for improving effective communication with others, in writing and in person.

6. A sound basis for continual learning from experience.

7. An appreciation of the overall economic, political and social environment in which the manager will live and work.

Duration & Structure of Program

The program is of twelve months duration. The taught part commences on the first week of September and runs through the beginning of May of the following year. Students take their exams on the second week of May. From the end of May to the first week of September of the same year students have to submit their 10,000 words thesis. For the January Intake, the taught part commences on the second week of January and runs through August. Students take exams on the second week of September and have to submit the thesis by January of the following year.

Weekly Hours Taught

There will be three evenings a week of 5 periods of 45 min each, thus a total of 15 Periods per week. Students will require another six hours for take-home assignments per week.

Total Yearly Taught Hours
The Taught program is of nine months duration and of total 32 weeks i.e. 480 periods. It is customary that students will require another 216 hours for home study to prepare assignments and other coursework.

Intensive Weekend Seminar
Besides traditional lecturing, students have to attend an intensive weekend seminar of 24 hours, usually scheduled for end of May and concentrating on a CASE STUDY.


Students sit for examinations twice a year. Mid-sessional exams take place in February and Final Exams in May. The weighing of results is as follows:

  • Mid-Sessional exams – 15%
  • Assignments – 25%
  • Final Examinations – 60%

Students must pass all compulsory and the two other optional subjects undertaken. The pass mark is 50% and students must achieve a final average mark of 55%.

The Thesis

A Thesis of 10,000 words must be submitted by September or, latest, by December, in case the Thesis is found unacceptable. The Thesis must be of satisfactory standard and contain original research work. The student may be required to present and defend his/her work to an examining panel. The 10,000-word Thesis is a major part of the CORPORATE MANAGEMENT & STRATEGIC PLANNING DIPLOMA and a student not submitting an up-to-standard Thesis will not be awarded the POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA. The Thesis must be on a topic agreed with the student’s Tutor and should have a RESEARCH bias. Students are expected to begin working on the thesis in June once exams are over and submit it the latest by the first week of September of the same year.

However, students are encouraged to begin thinking about their research long before June. This is why in early January students are allocated a Tutor to assist them with the preparation and guidance of their Thesis. The Institute encourages students to undertake a study, which is of a current concern to their own Organisation/Firm. The Thesis will be marked by an internal examiner and moderated by an external examiner. The student may be required to support his/her work to an examining panel. The pass mark is 50% and student’s performance will be indicated on the Transcript. If the Thesis is not of an acceptable standard then the student pays an extra 85 Euros in order to re-submit, latest by December. This is the last chance and if the Thesis is again found to be unsatisfactory then the student fails his/her Diploma.

Subjects Taught

The program consists of six subjects from which the four are compulsory and the two optional as follows:

Compulsory Subjects:

1. Analysis & Decision –Making in Business
2. Corporate Strategic Planning & Control
3. Global Marketing Strategies
4. Organization & Communication in Marketing
Optional Subjects – Any Two
5. European Business Environment
6. Computers in Management
7. Advertising and Public Relations
8. Financial Management
9. Executive Skills.

Entrance Requirements

1. Holders of the BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) or ADBA (Advanced Diploma in Business Administration) of this Institute.

2. Holders of the PG Diploma/Advanced Diploma of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (U.K.)

3. Holders of a First Degree from Internationally recognised University

4. Holders of reputable and recognized UK Professional qualifications such as Association of Chartered or Certified Accountants, The Chartered institute of Insurance, the Chartered Institute of Bankers and others.

Entrants to this program are preferably required to be in a managerial post in a business or other corporations.

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