Postgraduate Degree in Digital Books


Program Description

Postgraduate Degree in Digital Books

The revolution in publishing is incessant, and the book, as we know it, has experienced a spectacular change. With the advent of the digital book, new models of business, marketing, management and distribution of content have been created, very different from the traditional models.

The Postgraduate Diploma Course in Digital Books is the result of a strong awareness of the demand in the digital publishing market for new types of e-book: narrative format, illustrated novel, artistic book, books with content for teaching purposes, illustrated tales, books for the scholastic market, and tales with more interaction for children, so the course admits specialization in e-book/e-Pub production and publishing. It offers a new concept in design and in reading, taking advantage of devices such as Kindle, e-Readers, ‘smartphones’ and ‘tablets’.

These new digital formats change the way in which we design our contents and distribute them, at the same time boosting self-publication. Today, the author and the publisher need not depend on one another or on the big distributors, and they can have an influence on the new digital platforms by selling e-books in markets such as those of Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle and Apple iBookstore.


To study the evolution of publishers and of the printed book towards today’s digital publishing. To know the procedure for distributing and marketing a digital book.

To be able to compare the different types of traditional book and analyse their interpretation in the digital format.

To study the new digital book formats and new ideas about reading and readers.

To train the traditional editorial designer in the new digital technologies, through a close study of those aspects of book design and composition which have to be re-interpreted as they change to the digital format and are adapted to e-Pub.

To be able to design and create content for different devices such as e-Readers, ‘tablets’ and ‘smartphones’, and to understand which types of book will be demanded by the publishing market and our ultimate target.


This postgraduate course is composed of 11 modules, and concludes with the Final Project. Throughout the course, expert professionals present papers on relevant subjects to reinforce the content of certain modules.

  • Module I – Editorial Design in the digital book industry; e-Pub
  • Module II – The form of the book in the digital context
  • Module III – Typography
  • Module IV - Types of e-Book
  • Module V – Layout and design of e-Pubs
  • Module VI – Production of fixed template/fixed layout books
  • Module VII –From concept to prototype
  • Module VIII –The enriched book for IOS / iBooks Author
  • Module IX –Designing and planning the interactive book
  • Module X – The marketing and distribution of digital books
  • Module XI –Final Project


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Qualification: Postgraduate degree in Digital Books accredited by the Universidad de Vic-UCC. Students without university degrees will receive a University Extension Studies Diploma.

Credits: 30 ECTS

School period: From October 20th 2015 to May 2016. Final Project Presentation: June 2016

Timetable: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 19h to 22h

Mode: On-site

Language: Spanish

Price: 3480 €

Access: Graduates. Undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts and Design, and those related to the following professional categories: interior design, graphic design, industrial design and arts applied to clothing. Professionals from the sector without specific training but who can demonstrate professional expertise. Applicants will undergo a selection process for acceptance on the course.

Observations: Intensive Spanish course for foreign students willing to apply to the Master degree (optional course). From Sept. 10th to October, 2nd; from Monday to Friday (4h/day) – 395€.

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