This postgraduate degree is aimed at chefs or cooks who want to run a professional kitchen

This Postgraduate Executive Chef degree is a three-month course designed specifically for chefs who wish to go a step further in their academic training, giving it a focus on the executive management of a professional kitchen.

The program includes five training modules:

  • Business and People, which provides students with the business vision of their kitchen and puts it in the context of the human team that they will lead.
  • Economic Management, which provides students with the economic context of their work, including financial, measurement and control aspects.
  • Process Management, which provides students with the tools and judgment required for the logistical management of their kitchen and their people.
  • Lateral Skills, which develops abilities for the management of the people that make up your work team and of suppliers.
  • Workshops, which consists of a series of practical workshops designed to boost attitudes related to the abilities developed by the Program

It is an intense program in which students go over all of the functions of the Executive Chef in a theoretical and practical manner, providing them with the training to take on the executive management of any professional kitchen with immediate effect. Given that it is offered on Thursday and Friday, it can be taken alongside any CIB culinary specialization program.


1. Acquire the business vision and language of the kitchen and the restaurant.

2. Incorporate the attitude of a leader who can design, manage and boost a complex, multidisciplinary team.

3. Train in the financial, measurement and economic control aspects of an efficient kitchen so that it is as profitable as possible by achieving objectives set by the company.

4. Acquire the knowledge needed for logistics management, the control of provisions and the complete organization of the kitchen in any restaurant.

5. Develop abilities to lead, manage work teams and manage suppliers

  • 6. Reinforce the attitudes needed to assume the risks associated with innovation from a position of leadership.

At whom it is aimed

At chefs who want to lead a professional kitchen.

At professionals who want to go further than the culinary aspects of a professional kitchen.

At middle executives and managers of catering companies and collectives.

Requisites for admission

Applicants must have a qualification as a chef or five years’ experience as a chef in a professional kitchen

Advanced spoken and written Spanish.

Advanced skills in Microsoft Excel or similar.
(NOTE: Applicants who do not meet this requirement can apply for the extendible training module in Digital Skills for Catering, which includes instruction on the use of Excel.)

Pass the pre-admission interview.

Admission process

1. Complete the admission form and submit documentation.

This process is completed online using this link.

2. Admission test and level of Spanish language proficiency.

Even though we will provide you with the simultaneous translation pilot system, some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. The admission test will give is an indication of your level and of your personality traits, willingness to work and creativity.

3. Interview with the program coordinator.

You will have a telematic interview with the program coordinator, who will assess your compatibility with the group and your contribution to the same.

4. Admissions Committee.

Your application will be sent to the Admissions Committee, which will make the final decision based on information received during the process.

5. Approval and reservation.

If the opinion is positive, you will be able to enroll by paying for a place booking. Welcome to CIB!

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Last updated May 16, 2019
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