Light is an essential substance in the universe and in our lives. Ephemeral and mysterious, light is a powerful tool to evoke sensations, tell stories and transmit emotions; an essential element for art because of its great creative potential.

To work with light as a tool it is essential to understand it as a material, as well as to analyze the creative uses that light has had throughout history through different disciplines. In the Postgraduate Course in Creative Lighting Design, we will study from the experimentations around the creative use of light to contemporary methods to use light as a tool and create poetic and artistic experiences.

Throughout this program will be discovered methods that create interactive experiences through the use of digital light and other disciplines such as image, photography, video, mapping, stereoscopy, projections ... As well as digital sound and the perceptive relationship between sound and light in space.

Students will also work around special arts (artistic installations, site-specific art, creation of spatial experiences through light), mechatronic art (fabrication of devices with experimental lighting techniques), generative art (algorithmic light generated through the use of computer-defined systems) and interactive light (control and creation of sensitive and immersive environments with lighting and communication media).


The main objectives pursued by this course are:

  • Learn how to transform the experience of space through light.
  • Investigate artistic, theoretical and practical methods of manipulating light to achieve an emotional perception of space, involving in it memory and imagination.
  • Learn the history and theory of the use of light as a creative tool.
  • Use light as a creative tool, using certain functions and digitally manipulating its properties.
  • Acquire knowledge about digital light.
  • Understand the creative possibilities of innovative lighting technologies.
  • Produce creative projects that employ significantly digital light.

Professional outings

After the completion of the Postgraduate Course in Digital Lighting Design, students will be prepared to work as:

  • Designers in event companies, ephemeral architectures and museographic installations.
  • Artists of light.
  • Specialists in lighting design on their own or in architecture studios, Interior design, landscaping.
  • Lighting managers in engineering studies.
  • Responsible in companies of integral services, manufacturers, distributors and warehouses, specialized stores.
  • Lighting collaborations in the cinema, theater and Light Art.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Apr 2020
3 months
4,300 EUR
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Start Date
Apr 2020
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Apr 2020

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