"Enlightenment is the art of revealing." Depending on how we illuminate a space will be perceived, felt and experienced by the user in one way or another. Lighting is one of the most important factors when generating atmospheres: it provides direct connotations, such as dimensions, and provokes a subjective and unconscious burden that gives sensations to the environment: warm, pleasant, sober, of quality ... generates and provokes different emotions conditioning the environment and individuals.

These factors have taken a great deal of value in recent years, having a direct impact on the growth of the lighting industry and fostering the development of products such as more efficient and ecological lamps, new light sources, LED lights, simpler lighting control systems to use, accessories that modify the luminous result ...

Design, as a generator of new languages ​​and approaches, is present in a significant way in the world of lighting and claims for architectural spaces the same care that is taken as with other elements such as materials, interior design or solutions techniques

Light must occupy a prominent place in any project and study of a space because, being a universal language that provokes emotions and sensations, it is an essential part of the experience of the place.

The Postgraduate Course in Architectural Lighting Design offers extensive knowledge about the manipulation of light in space, adding beyond a simple response to a purely functional or aesthetic requirement. The student will develop the possibilities of combining the technical aspects of light sources, luminaires and their accessories, to obtain artistic, plastic and exciting results in architectural spaces.


The main objectives pursued by this course are:

  • Develop complete lighting projects for architectural spaces.
  • Know the product, its qualities and its application.
  • Acquire the knowledge and technical resources to control the proposal at different scales.
  • Analyze the concept, development, execution and communication of projects under a multidisciplinary profile.
  • Generate capacity to adapt to the work environment in various areas.
  • Expand your knowledge and helping you specialize in this field to enrich your proposals or reforms.

Professional outings

After the completion of the Postgraduate Course in Architectural Lighting Design, students will be prepared to work as:

  • Specialists in lighting design on their own or in architectural studies, interior design, landscaping.
  • Designers in event companies, ephemeral architectures and museographic installations.
  • Lighting managers in engineering studies.
  • Responsible in companies of integral services, manufacturers, distributors and specialized stores.
  • Freelance to support studies or companies that need to implement lighting proposals in their projects.
Program taught in:
  • Spanish (Spain)

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
Oct 2019
3 months
4,300 EUR
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Start Date
Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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