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A postgraduate certificate is an educational option designed for those who typically already hold an undergraduate degree and want to better develop their expertise. Especially beneficial for those who want to advance their careers or shift careers entirely, a postgraduate certificate offers specialization in master’s level courses without the commitment to a full master’s program.

What is a postgraduate certificate in English? It is a course of study designed to enhance students’ knowledge of linguistic and literary theories, history, and role in society while equipping them with useful vocational skills. Depending on their concentration, program participants may focus on creative writing, composition and rhetoric, or English education. Possible courses include Approaches to Literary History, Persuasive Writing, and, for those interested in teaching, Focused Pedagogical Resources.

A postgraduate certificate in English helps scholars hone valuable skills that can help them excel personally and professionally. Program participants can develop impressive communication skills, which are highly sought after for leadership positions. Critical thinking and creativity are also skills that can help students stand out, making them more marketable and improving employability.

The cost of obtaining a postgraduate certificate can vary significantly by program and institution. For the most accurate information on fees and course requirements, interested individuals should research the individual programs they are interested in pursuing.

Earning a postgraduate certificate in English can prepare students for a myriad of interesting and fulfilling employment opportunities. A program graduate may find work in the publishing industry, including as an editor or writer. Those who concentrate on education may be hired as primary or secondary teachers.  A postgraduate certificate can also help graduates excel as a newspaper or magazine journalist.

Postgraduate certificate programs are offered by a wide range institutions and in different formats. Learners may enjoy the flexibility of an online program or the benefits of a traditional learning environment, depending on their individual needs and goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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International University of Catalonia

English is one of the world's major languages. It is, therefore, important students learn it as young as possible. The postgraduate degree at UIC Barcelona, which is taug ... [+]

English is one of the world's major languages. It is, therefore, important students learn it as young as possible. The postgraduate degree at UIC Barcelona, which is taught in English, will train you to incorporate English into your teaching and improve your level of English proficiency on a personal and professional level.


The Postgraduate Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language involves:

Understanding the main methodological approaches to multilingualism and additional language acquisition. Learning about the cognitive and meta-cognitive processes that affect additional language FL acquisition. Gaining insight into and exploring the methodological approaches to integrating foreign languages and content (CLIL). To increase knowledge in phonetics paying attention in different accents and how to work pronunciation in class. Developing the cross-cultural competencies required of teachers of English as a foreign language. Learning about and integrating culture into foreign-language teaching. Designing teaching materials that promote foreign-language acquisition from a communicative, inter-disciplinary standpoint. Comprehending the processes involved in developing reading comprehension skills in multilingual settings. Improving the strategies for developing and enhancing teachers' English-language proficiency. Prospective students ... [-]
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