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Top Postgraduate Certificate Programs in Computer Science

A postgraduate certificate can be earned after a student has completed undergraduate degree training and has received his or her degree. These programs allow scholars to further their education and offer the shortest available postgraduate qualifications. A postgraduate certificate can typically be earned after one school term.

What is a postgraduate certificate in computer science? It is a certificate that allows students to gain an increase of knowledge in the study of computer technology. Students can receive a strong foundation in subjects such as data analytics, information technology, and computing. Some classes may teach the fundamentals of software engineering while others may focus on data structures and algorithms. Scholars can learn how to apply their skills in real-world situations.

Computer science is an important subject that offers many benefits. Students who earn this certificate can learn how to code a website and can develop challenging computing skills. Scholars can also learn how to work well with others in any professional or personal setting.

The cost of postgraduate certificate programs can vary due to the location, duration, and size of the program. Students who wish to earn a postgraduate certificate in computer science should consider contacting the schools they are interested in attending.

As technology becomes a larger part of society every day, careers in computer science are increasing. Students can become software developers or computer hardware engineers. Information technology architects design and create improved networks, and web developers code sites on the internet. There are many careers that need the skills computer science students learn. Those who aren’t interested in applying their services in a workplace can teach in computer science classes or courses.

Although there are many schools worldwide that offer students postgraduate certificates, there are also many online programs to choose from. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Tufts University - School of Engineering

The Computer Science Post-Baccalaureate program provides the opportunity for academically talented, highly motivated adult students, with at least a bachelor's degree, to ... [+]

The Post-Baccalaureate program in Computer Science is open to individuals with at least a bachelor's degree in any discipline (B.A. or B.S.) and one college-level introductory computer course.

The program is particularly well-suited for individuals preparing to re-enter the workforce, mid-level professionals looking to move into the field of computer science, and those preparing for graduate school. Accepted students are required to develop an individualized plan of study with their adviser, based on their academic history and professional goals.

Students in the post-baccalaureate program are not considered certificate students for purposes of financial aid and as such are not eligible to apply for federal funds. Alternative loans may be available. ... [-]

USA Medford
January 2020
1 - 2 years