Postgraduate Certificate in Administration Studies

Top Postgraduate Certificate Programs in Administration Studies

A postgraduate certificate generally takes one to two semesters to complete and requires a few classes that cover a specific field of study. Oftentimes, students pursue this type of certificate after earning a bachelor’s degree in either a related or different field.

What is a postgraduate certificate in administration studies? Students may take classes that teach them how to refine their administration skills while pursuing this certificate. Some of the classes can include public administration and how it applies to the policy process, public organization management, public budgeting, and human resource management. There may also be coursework in public program evaluation, grant and contract management, and public policy.

Students may learn about how to enhance their administration skills while pursuing this certificate, which can help them solidify their place in an administrative position. They may also refine their budgeting and time management skills, which can help them secure a higher salary in the future.

The total cost for earning a postgraduate certificate in administration studies varies depending on several factors. These may include where the school is located, how long it takes to complete the certificate program, and what materials are required to finish the certificate.

After earning this type of postgraduate certificate, graduates can pursue many different career paths. For example, some may work as an administrator in the education field, as a public administration consultant, or as an executive director for a private or public organization. Those with this certificate may also take on jobs as a program director, a city manager, an urban planner, or an association leader for a government or nonprofit entity.

There are many graduate certificate programs in administration studies around the globe. For further information about available coursework both in person and online, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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PgC in Strategic Human Resource Management for Business Executives

GCU - Glasgow School for Business and Society
Campus Full time 1 year January 2019 United Kingdom Glasgow

Build on your expertise & develop your strength as an HR leader who actively drives business strategy & improves your organisations capacity for change. Our CPD course combines online study with 2-day workshops that build your professional network. [+]

Senior HR professionals must be able to translate business strategy into HR priorities. This CPD course will help you develop your expertise and build your confidence as a strategic HR leader who goes beyond to actively develop business strategy and improve your organisation's capacity for change. Working with HR professionals from public, private and not-for-profit sectors you'll hone your skills in building the case for change based on market and business realities, overcoming resistance and gaining stakeholders' commitment to implementing and sustaining change.

Our PgC in Strategic Human Resource Management for Business Executives is for current and aspiring senior HR professionals, consultants and people leaders operating, or desiring to operate, at a strategic level and become dynamic leaders in HR. It offers you the opportunity to:... [-]

Postgraduate Certificate in Organisational Change

Middlesex University London
Campus Full time Part time 12 months August 2018 United Kingdom London UK Online + 2 more

In today’s challenging work environment organisations have to adapt to issues of austerity and Brexit while under pressure to maintain business sustainability. In these highly dynamic times businesses are looking to professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to enact efficient and sustainable organisational change. [+]

Public, private and third sector organisations are all operating in highly dynamic landscapes and want employees with the skills required that allow them to adapt quickly and efficiently. Taking in a range of social, psychological, legal and policy perspectives, this course delivers an understanding of considerations pertinent to all sectors, such as leadership, adaptability, development and resilience. Topics explored on the course include the strategies of learning and talent development, theories and historical development of the practice of organisation design, and issues such as identity, organisational culture and performativity in the context of critical leadership.

By taking a critical approach, this programme enables you to evaluate policies and practices based on the most recent and relevant theory and research findings, empowering you to make evidence-based decisions and reflect on how these decisions can be applied in a practice-based environment. This course is taught by academics with strong connections to the CIPD who are highly research active in areas such as organisational behaviour, change and transformation, discrimination law, and leadership.... [-]