Postgraduate Certificate in Cyber Security


Program Description

"Give your career in Cyber Security a boost. The Advanced Program Applied Computer Science with a major in Cyber Security at Howest, Bruges, Belgium offers you the ideal education."

Howest offers you a wide range of interesting topics.

  • Did you ever want to understand how a hacker works and to counter their attacks through reverse malware engineering?
  • Are you interested in becoming an ethical hacker and help private and public sector organizations find their weak spots through penetration testing (system, web, and network)?
  • Do you want to help fight cybercrime and find the bad guys by conducting a forensic analysis?
  • Or is your life’s goal to strengthen security in the industry by learning about Industrial Control Systems Security (OT)?
  • Or do you want to understand cryptography and how it can be used to protect or attack (ransomware)?
  • Data Privacy and GDPR provide you the essential knowledge on your way to become a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You will acquire thorough expertise in Information Security Management and threat modeling and intelligence. All of this and more is offered in this program.

As a pioneer in offering education for ground-breaking new technologies, Howest was one of the first to respond to the lack of industry-ready, practice-oriented Cyber Security Professionals by offering this advanced program. Innovative subjects like Cyber Warfare and security in 5G, Blockchain, and AI are included.

To be eligible for this Advanced Program a Bachelor or Master in Computer Sciences is a must.


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Semester 1

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Datacenter Technology and Security

Windows and Linux Server Security


  • Blockchain
  • Ransomware
  • Quantum Cryptography

Secure Development

Security Management Threat and Risk Assessment

  • ISO 2700x
  • NIST

Data Privacy and IT Law

  • GDPR
  • NIS

Forensic Analysis

Network and System Pentesting

  • Ethical Hacker

Practical Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

  • Advanced Persistent Threat

Semester 2

Web, Mobile & Security

  • Server-side Scripting
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Pentesting
  • Mobile web apps and security

Network and CCNA Security

Web Security & Honeypot

Emergent Security Techniques

  • 5G
  • Cyber Warfare
  • Industrial Security
  • Machine Learning
Security Project(s)

Seminars, Study Visits and Challenges

Mobile Security

  • Multi-Factor Auth
  • Biometric Auth
  • Password Managers


Howest has built a solid reputation in practice-oriented scientific research, services, and continuing education, always with a focus on the professional field both national and international. This translates into national, European, and international projects in applied research, at the request of and for private and public organizations from home and abroad.


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Tuition Fee

Diploma and Credits Contracts

  Fixed Part Variable part (per credit)
Non-scholarship student tariff €245,20 €11,70
Almost-scholarship student tariff €245,20 €4,30
Scholarship student tariff €111,90 €0,00

Exam Contracts

  Fixed Part Variable part (per credit)
All students €111,90 €4,30

Additional fees may apply.


Alumna Annika ten Velden

"After my Master's in Criminology, I was looking for a dedicated education in IT-security and forensic investigation. The bachelor program Cyber Security Professional corresponded perfectly with my needs.

As my background was in social sciences rather than in technical sciences, I did expect a challenge. As Howest focuses on the practical rather than the theoretical and offers extra support where necessary, I achieved my degree without a problem.

Because of the profound knowledge acquired in IT-security – from pentesting to forensic analysis – I received many job offers. My work at NVISO for the last five years has focused on

incident response and forensic investigations. I still have regular contact with Howest and can tell from its trainees that the education continuously evolves and is adapted to the needs of the employer community."

Bruges, the perfect city for students

Did you know that the historic city center is a prominent UNESCO World Heritage Site? You share the city with tourists from all over the world and that mix works perfectly.

Bruges “the fair city” offers a wide plethora of pastimes. Relax on a terrace, an exercise in the green spaces, see the canals or enjoy one of the many restaurants or bars with your fellow students. An inspiring city for students!

Last updated Jul 2020

About the School

Anticipate the future, that is what we envisage with our Howest Community. We call ourselves atypical, we come with an edge. We are open to people who draw outside the lines, who think out-of-the-box ... Read More

Anticipate the future, that is what we envisage with our Howest Community. We call ourselves atypical, we come with an edge. We are open to people who draw outside the lines, who think out-of-the-box, we encourage entrepreneurial awareness and provide scope for entrepreneurship. Serve, empower, care: These are our values, the beacons that guide us, that have penetrated the very capillaries of our community. They are part of the Howest DNA. The student and his study program are central to our vision of education. Society and the broad work field are our touchstones. Creating social added value is our purpose. Read less