• Medium-high level
  • Duration: 100 hours 3 months.
  • Hours: From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Modality: Face-to-face Course
  • Price: € 1490
  • Forms of payment: Advantages for prompt payment (30 days prior) / Custom financing.

Upcoming calls

  • From January 28 to April 28, 2020. Tuesday and Friday from 10 to 13H.
  • From January 28 to April 28, 2020. Tuesday and Friday from 19 to 22H.


With the Too Many Flash Postproduction Specialization you will prepare yourself as a retoucher and digital assistant at a high professional level. You will master the editing of images from the capture to the final delivery, qualitatively improving the result of your own photographs or professional collaborating photographers who require your services. You will carry out real commissions by acquiring the necessary skills to enter the market as a photo retoucher, in the hands of the professional portfolio that you will develop during your training. All thanks to the work you will do together with expert professionals in each area, who will be your mentors.


The course is aimed at all those people who want to specialize in digital retouching and postproduction of still images. It is recommended both for photographers who want to improve their images and for those who want to become retouchers without deepening the photographic take.

For maximum utilization, an advanced level of the Adobe Photoshop environment is required, having mastery in the use of layers, skill to work with layer masks and knowledge in the use of selection tools, as well as having advanced knowledge in the Raw file editing.

The previous training required to access this specialization is equivalent to the sum of our Digital Editing Course in Photoshop and our Advanced Digital Editing Course in Photoshop. If the student has not previously been trained in Too Many Flash , a pre-level test can be carried out to verify that they have the necessary level and ensure the fulfillment of the training objectives.


We are facing a 100% practical course, the classes will be participatory, dynamic and in small work groups, so you can get the most out of the training program. We will face specific professional commissions for fashion, beauty, e-commerce and advertising, among others in order to acquire the necessary skills through practice.

Visits will be made to digital postproduction studies and photographic laboratories, as well as viewings and tutorials integrated in the classes to maximize the knowledge of the sector and the development of the student as a future retoucher. All this from the hand of great professionals of the current sector, who will contribute their methodology and professional vision.

The evaluation will be continuous and will be measured under criteria of resolving ability, attitude, technique and creativity thanks to the multitude of practical and visionary sessions, seeking at all times the maximum development of your potential. In addition, you will carry out a final tutored project putting into practice everything learned during the course, achieving a visible result between before and after training in this professional specialization.

The total 100 hours of training (4 ECTS) are distributed according to the European ECTS Credit Transfer System between teaching hours (see start and end dates of the call) and out-of-class student work hours required for the achievement of the objectives (tasks, assignments and final project). Having passed the criteria for the evaluation of the complete training, the final degree will be delivered.

123825_pexels-photo-243757.jpegKaique Rocha / Pexels


When you finish the course:

You will integrate the skills of the digital retoucher and digital assistant

You will know the figure of the digital retoucher and the digital assistant learning from teachers who are specialized professionals in each area.

You will master all postproduction disciplines

You will be able to make real orders of editorial fashion, beauty, product, catalog, advertising, portrait, landscape, e-commerce, etc.

You will master the editing tools at a high level

You will perfectly manage the best current editing programs: photoshop, capture one and lightroom, mastering advanced tools and color management.

You will create your own postproduction style

With practice you will develop and refine your own style, giving your personal touch to all the images that pass through your hands.

You will make a professional portfolio

You will develop a professional work methodology and understand the work flow to follow in a montage. You will make real orders from beginning to end, being able to prepare your own professional portfolio.

You will know the professional market in depth

You will know the specific marketing keys for this sector. How to move in a b2b environment, how to find opportunities and how to build customer loyalty by creating your personal brand as a professional retoucher. Learn to reveal raw files, colorization, color management and delivery formats.

Our goal is your success

We want to help you dedicate yourself professionally to photography. We accompany you throughout the process to express your potential and qualities as a photographer. If you like photography now, we want to make you passionate. If you now think you are good at it, we want you to be sure that you can be the best.

Do you dare to take the step you want so much?

How do we do it?

Offering you all the support you need.

Virtual classroom and tutorials

We monitor your progress outside the classroom to improve your results at the end of the course.

All the resources you need

During the course you can use our studio with photographic equipment and post-production room free of charge. We will always encourage you to practice and improve.

Activities and events

In addition to the training of classes you can attend our events with invited professional photographers, access to exhibitions and reference books for free.

A complete curriculum

After completing this course you can continue to grow as a photographer with countless options according to your preferences, level and objectives. This is only the starting point.

Program taught in:
  • Spanish

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Jan 28, 2020
100 hours
1,490 EUR
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Jan 28, 2020
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Apr 28, 2020
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Jan 28, 2020

Application deadline
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Apr 28, 2020

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