Post-diploma course in Marketing and Communication - Traditional, Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy


Program Description

The two-year post-diploma course in Marketing and Business Communication presents today a totally new system to respond effectively to the demand of the communication market, within which the digital sector is the most dynamic and requires professional resources with solid basic knowledge and specific technical skills.

The need for companies to have professionals who know how to face the challenges of digitalization and globalization requires an educational offer that accelerates as much as possible the entry into the world of work of young people with solid technical skills, with strategic vision and ability to exploit the contribution of the multiple digital channels through which consumers interact, increasingly connected, to create contexts that allow to approach the consumer and manage the reputation, consensus and success of the company / organization for which they work.

Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione has always monitored the demand of the communication market in terms of skills and skills required and provides, as a function of its evolution, the constant updating of both the didactic content and the faculty (of the teaching body) - especially for what concerns the web professionals. The opportunities for professional opportunities offered by digital growth require specific skills and the ability to develop strategies and tactics adapted to new business and communication processes and models, where digital skills are synergistically grafted onto the body of the fundamental knowledge and skills of marketing. and communication.

Educational goal

The two-year post-diploma course in Marketing and Business Communication aims to provide participants with the knowledge and professional skills that enable them to manage Marketing, Media, Corporate Communication, brand, product and service in an integrated way with Web 2.0, developing cross-media and multi-channel strategies in a scenario where digital has profoundly changed the company / consumer relationship and the relationship between consumers and brands develops in the form of a conversation in real time.

The training areas of the Course develop the contents through synergic and coherent modules with an approach that allows participants to know and use, in addition to the basic techniques of marketing and traditional communication, the methodologies that allow to integrate, within strategies unitary, the digital tools according to the models set by the new parameters - sharing, relationship, participation and engagement - imposed, in particular, by the enormous diffusion of social media.

During the first year, the training program will allow students to acquire the necessary theoretical bases through a careful analysis of the strategic apparatus of all communication (Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Communication, Media) in view of the complex changes generated by now unavoidable use of digital technology. Of the various sectors, knowing what they are today - and maybe tomorrow will be - and the reason for the change in their strategic approaches implies that the development of the per-Course starts from the current state of the art with the necessary references to the development of the processes.

The second year provides students with further vertical insights into the use of digital technology in all areas of their future professional outlet in marketing, communication, public relations, the media both in the company and in the agency.

The professional path accentuates at the most the project-oriented teaching methodology, with live briefs commissioned from real customers and addressed by the students of the Course in team with those of the Courses of creativity, thus reproducing the agency work in the classroom.

This methodology of learning through project work, DNA of the Accademia di Comunicazione from its foundation, will be strengthened by a period of internship in the company and / or agency based on the specialization chosen by the student.

The skills acquired in this Course are certified by the Lombardy Region and are valid at EU level within the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR PERMANENT LEARNING (EQF)

Study plan

1 years

Fundamentals of Marketing Public Relations Corporate Communication | Account Management | The state of the art of the strategic plant.

Knowledge and basic skills

Consumer Behavior: the consumer journey | Digital Marketing

2nd year

Public Relations and Corporate Communication Area

Corporate Communication | On / Off line RP / Media Relations | Press Office | Organization and Management of Events Financial Communication | Crisis Communication | No Profit and Fund Raising Communication CSR | Institutional and Public Communication Community Management | SEM

Marketing and Advertising Area

Account Management | Strategic Brand Management | Digital Advertising | Web Video | Integrated Marketing Communication | Trade Marketing | Direct Marketing | Sales | Promotions | Sponsorships Project Management | E-Commerce | Community Management | Mobile Marketing and Advertising | Programmatic Advertising.

In addition to teaching hours, seminars, testimonies, case histories, workshops, workshops and professional simulations are planned.

During the second year students develop Marketing and Communication projects on real problems with companies, always in a team with Graphic Designers and creatives of Advertising.

Stage after the courses

The internships, foreseen at the end of each Course, are to be considered first of all as a period of perfecting one's own formation and secondly as a possible opportunity for future work. For these two reasons, the internship is not automatically decided on the basis of pre-existing agreements with pre-established number of companies, but assumes that every year a specific and precise request by the Company is made with respect to which the students are preselected by the Academy, sent to the selection interview and selected by the same company. It is therefore not only the curriculum and the guarantee that the Academy gives to the Company, but what the individual student during the interview will be able to demonstrate with regard to their abilities and the way of presenting themselves, which will determine the choice of the Company itself. .

Accademia's commitment to the organization of "ad personam" internships that is renewed every year without ever yielding to automatisms of fixed agreements, is aimed at encouraging the possibility that at the end of the internship the student will be confirmed with a contract.

By attending this two-year post-diploma course you can work as:

  • Manager of Corporate Communication
  • Product Manager in the Company
  • Account in Advertising Agency
  • Expert in Public Relations
  • Media Planner in Media Agencies and Advertising Dealers
  • Strategic Planner
  • Producer in Production Houses
  • Web Content Writer
  • Digital Media Planner
  • Digital Media Strategist
  • Integrated Digital Media Specialist
  • Web Content Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Planner
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Community Manager
  • SEM Specialist
  • Web Analyst
  • Digital PR
  • Brand Reputation Specialist
  • Mobile Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea.

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea. Read less