Post-diploma course in Advertising - Copywriting


Program Description

When we work with words we have the opportunity to explore the world with an instrument at the boundaries between reality and the imaginary. When we dream, how many dimensions do we penetrate? We evoke memories, we see images. Where do they come from? Working in the world of advertising means being able to make people dream, make people want to fly to other places, other worlds, other dimensions. Had Ariosto not imagined going to the moon, would men wish to go there? It is the poet who first imagines a dream that the world can fall in love with. Everyone has always admired the moon but Ariosto first talks about going to the moon and introduces the idea of ​​the possibility of getting there. If he had not told of the knight who makes this fantastic journey, perhaps no one would have really wanted to undertake this mission and perhaps we would never have arrived on the moon. Here the poet creates the object of desire, the wonder of our humanity. What apparently is unrealizable, impossible, unjustifiable, all of a sudden becomes reality. In strictly biological terms, who of us was created to fly? From Icarus onwards no one was born able to fly. But does humanity fly or not? Humanity flies, and how it flies! And it also goes to the moon! Advances in science often originate in the dream and in trying to achieve it. Writing for Advertising, ie being a Copywriter, is a profession unknown to most people. Already from high school, if you love to write with that creative push that makes us use words and metaphors in a different way than usual, you are led to move towards the faculty of Letters, without knowing that there are other possibilities, those that do not fall in the established paradigms of the known professions, a world where the word has a meaning other, where the metaphor has the power to make us dream and communicate. A very engaging path both for the number of hours of effort, and for the effort to get rid of all rational superstructures and to re-emerge the possibility of impossibility, the transgression from the principles of the dialectic, the lateral thinking, the renunciation of the principle of cause-effect, the recovery of intuition in the face of the exclusive use of reason and, above all, the non-fear of transgression:

Rain can fall from a blue sky because in our dreams this can happen and, always in our dreams, we are not surprised by the incongruities. But a rain that descends from a blue sky can ignite the wonder in those who see it suddenly and is forced to fall from reality into the dream and, in the "wonderful", passes a message that reaches the heart giving birth to desire. With words, sounds and images.

For its history and the quality of the training methodology the Course has obtained the patronage of the Italian Art Directors Club.

The skills acquired in this Course are certified by the Lombardy Region and are valid at EU level within the EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK OF QUALIFICATIONS FOR PERMANENT LEARNING (EQF)

Study plan

1 years

Advertising TV | Art direction | Basic design | Copywriting | Creative concept | Digital media | Foundations of computer science Photography 1 | Illustrator | InDesign | Brand and corporate image | Mind design 1 | Photoshop | Consumer psychology | Creative writing and short story 1 | History of cinema | History of art | History of advertising | Color theory.

Creativity workshop with art directors and graphic designers.

2nd year

6 courses in copywriting with 6 different Creative Directors Blogging and online journalism Creative production | Digital creativity | Editing | Photography 2 | Mind design 2 | Audio video editing Music for visual communication Advanced Photoshop | Creative writing and short story 2 | Sem


The students participate, together with the art directors, in the most important national and international competitions under the guidance of Italian and English Creative Directors:

ADCI Awards - Competition of the Italian Art Directors Club; The One Show College Competition: Competition of the Art Directors Club New York -The D

In addition, every year students participate in the most prestigious competitions organized by companies and organizations.

Real works

The students realize, together with the art directors, under the guidance of Creative Directors, real advertising campaigns on briefings commissioned by companies and non-profit organizations.

Stage after the courses

The internships, foreseen at the end of each Course, are to be considered first of all as a period of perfecting one's own formation and secondly as a possible opportunity for future work. For these two reasons, the internship is not automatically decided on the basis of pre-existing agreements with pre-established number of companies, but assumes that every year a specific and precise request by the Company is made with respect to which the students are preselected by the Academy, sent to the selection interview and selected by the same company. It is therefore not only the curriculum and the guarantee that the Academy gives to the Company, but what the individual student during the interview will be able to demonstrate with regard to their abilities and the way of presenting themselves, which will determine the choice of the Company itself. .

Accademia's commitment to the organization of "ad personam" internships that is renewed every year without ever yielding to automatisms of fixed agreements, is aimed at encouraging the possibility that at the end of the internship the student will be confirmed with a contract.

By attending this two-year post-diploma course you can work as:

  • Copywriter in Advertising Agency
  • Producer in Production Houses
  • Strategic Planner
  • Web Content Writer
  • Web Content Manager
  • SEO Specialist
  • Community Manager
  • Digital PR
  • Brand Reputation Specialist
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About the School

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea.

Da trent'anni Accademia di Comunicazione forma professionisti del Marketing, della Comunicazione e della Pubblicità con i suoi Corsi Post Diploma e i suoi Master Post Laurea. Read less