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Program Description

The School of Law of the Catholic University in Porto offers several postgraduate courses in presence, digital or mixed. Find out more about these training offers:

Post-Graduation in Labor and Social Security Law

VI edition - 2020/2021: Edition in Online Format

The multiplicity and complexity of the legal problems arising from industrial relations, associated with the successive legislative changes verified in recent years, makes it difficult for the various agents involved in its resolution to master the Labor Law and the applicable Social Security Law.

In fact, this branch of law has undergone significant changes in recent years, requiring a constant study of updating and (re) understanding of multiple legal institutes and regimes.

The main objective of the course is to provide an integrated view of a wide range of subjects within the scope of Labor Law, both individual and collective, and Social Security Law, combining theoretical rigor with attention to problems that arise daily in forensic practice and business.

The course is attended by university professors, lawyers, magistrates, and other specialists.

This training is aimed at lawyers, jurists, company lawyers, magistrates, human resources technicians, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the field of business management with a degree.

Pedagogical Model

This Post-Graduation takes place in an online format and will adopt the model of theoretical-practical classes supported by the case study method.

Evaluation and Accreditation Model

The attendance of the complete course with a positive final evaluation confers a Postgraduate Certificate and the completion of the complete course without evaluation confers a Declaration of Presence. In both cases, a minimum attendance of 80% of the course hours is required.

For evaluation purposes, the student may choose between a written work on the topics taught, or alternatively, a final exam (to be carried out in person).

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Interdisciplinary Graduate Course in Human Rights

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Human Rights is the first interdisciplinary training offered in Portugal within the scope of human rights theory and practice. This postgraduate course is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Education and Psychology and the Transversal Area of Social Economy of the Catholic University of Portugal. Thus, it brings together contributions from the areas of Law, Education, Social Economy and Psychology with regard to the protection and promotion of human rights, in national and international panoramas. Through this interdisciplinarity, it is possible to encompass, for each of the major themes addressed (dignity; vulnerability; solidarity; diversity), its theoretical understanding, but also its practical applicability in the area of human rights, seeking to combine 'knowing how to be 'by' knowing how to do '. In this sense, students will be provided with contact with professionals in the field, the acquisition of content that will allow them to master the principles and tools of project design and management, and tutorial support so that they can design and develop their own projects.

This training is aimed at people with higher education degrees.

Pedagogical model

The interdisciplinary approach is transversal to the entire curricular plan, with each of the four modules gathering contributions from Law, Education, Psychology and Social Economy. The classes will be taught in face-to-face and / or online format, by academics and specialists, but also by professionals from governmental and non-governmental organizations that are partners of this Post-Graduation, guaranteeing a learning supported by and by the action in a real context.

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Post-Graduation in Organization and Management in Professional Football

In 2016-17, Liga Portugal, following its purpose of professionalizing the structures of Sports Societies, launched, in an unprecedented initiative, the 1st Postgraduate course aimed at professional football, resulting from a partnership between Liga Portugal and Porto School of the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University.

This training, which has a renowned faculty from the Catholic University and renowned guests linked to professional football, aims to cover the most diverse themes, providing a unique graduation in the most diverse themes with regard to professional competitions: Organization of Professional Competitions, Marketing and Communication, Legal Framework, Management and Accounting of Sports Companies.

This training is aimed at employees of Sports Societies who wish to develop their skills and ability to plan and structure professional operations; Liga Portugal employees and partners wishing to acquire technical knowledge to meet the challenges facing football organizations; students who want to discover the job market of Sports Societies; journalists who want to know the reality of professional football competitions.

Evaluation and Accreditation Model

Graduate Certificate of UCP will be awarded to Graduates undergoing the final exam, provided that 80% of classes in each module are frequently attended.

Advanced Training Certificate will be awarded to non-graduates, submitted to the final exam, provided they attend 80% of classes in each module.

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Criado em 1978, o curso de licenciatura em Direito foi o primeiro a ser oferecido no Porto. Gradualmente, conquistou prestígio nacional e internacional, não apenas pelos seus professores e alunos, mas também pelas suas iniciativas e excelentes instalações. Read less