Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management

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Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management

Rhodes Business School

Post Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Management

There are two options for the PDEM. A full-time option and a part-time option.

Both options are based on the action-learning philosophy. Students on the programme will be expected to learn by doing and to develop conceptual understanding and practical skills through a process of simultaneous interaction. This means that programme differs somewhat from the typical university course.

The target group for the programme is normally postgraduate students from any faculty who have typically NOT majored in Management, Business Administration, Business Management or the equivalent (Although each application is judged on its own merit and context). The Rhodes Business School wishes to bring together a rich diversity of students from different educational backgrounds to create an entrepreneurial group which is representative of the South African people.

Full-Time Option:

The 2016 course begins in February 2016 (dates to be confirmed) in the Rhodes Business School Teaching room. After registration it will start with a period of orientation that will include visits to businesses to provide students with the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and to see how their businesses operate. Thereafter during orientation week a process of idea generation for the Alpha project will be followed by forming of groups and businesses and writing of business plans. Lectures will commence on first day of term.

The Rhodes Business School is committed to making a significant contribution to the development of an entrepreneurial culture in South Africa. In a country in which unemployment is high and in which the prospects of finding employment in established organisations appears to be diminishing, more people will have to think in terms of creating their own employment, as opposed to just seeking employment.

The programme is designed to lay the foundations for students who wish to pursue the idea of starting their own businesses, thus creating their own employment as well as employment for others. It is generally held that small businesses create far more jobs from a macroeconomic point of view, than do established, large businesses. Being an entrepreneur has its own set of challenges, agonies and ecstasies. If, at the end of the course, a student feels unsuited to being an entrepreneur, he or she will nevertheless be equipped to pursue a career in business.

Part Time Option:

The programme starts in January and ends in December.

The Part Time option is designed to meet the needs of graduates in full-time employment from a wide range of job functions who wish to:

  • Develop their entrepreneurship skills within their organisation;
  • Develop an intrepreneurial approach to business;
  • Enhance their general management ability; and
  • Deepen and update their business knowledge, understanding and practice.

The PDEM PT is an Honours level equivalent, NQF Level 8 qualification. We are confident that it will prove a great asset to companies who recognise its merits as an internal company development qualification that you can use on your scorecards.

The PDEM PT serves as a precursor qualification for those wanting to pursue an MBA. From 2016, the Department of Higher Education’s regulations require an NQF Level 8 qualification or an appropriate four-year degree or postgraduate qualification for any student wanting to enroll in an MBA programme (NQF Level 9) at any business education institution in South Africa.

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