Portuguese Language Instruction for Foreigners


We offer regular courses in Portuguese Language Instruction for Foreigners in both group and private lessons, for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. For the best learning experience, the group courses are limited to a maximum of 6 people per class, and class meets Monday through Friday.

Private lessons are available for new or advanced students, and professionals who have a specific focus in either verbal or written communication, or in particular themes and vocabularies. Private lessons are perfect for people who have only a short time for language training. These classes also meet Monday through Friday.

Non beginner students and private programs can start on any Monday. For absolute beginner, contact us to see the start dates.

The course material is included.

Group Instruction

Group intensive 1: Students attend four 50-minute classes every weekday. In total, 20 classes per week.

Group intensive 2: Students attend four 50-minute classes every morning, and two 50-minute classes every afternoon. In total, 30 classes per week.

Private Instruction

Private intensive 1: Students attend four 50-minute classes every weekday. In total, 20 classes per week.

Private intensive 2: Students attend four 50-minute classes every morning, and two 50-minute classes every afternoon. In total, 30 classes per week.

Private VIP: Students attend four 50-minute classes every morning, and two 50-minute classes during lunch with the instructor. After lunch, the student attends another four 50-minute classes in the afternoon. In total, 50 classes per week. Students and instructors will determine the number of activities to be completed outside of class.


In our opinion, learning a language is intrinsically tied to a student’s involvement in the daily life of people, customs, and culture. In keeping with our vision of learning, and in order to provide a complete experience, our classes are adapted to the needs of students, and are tied to local daily life and colloquial language through material exclusively developed for the instruction of Portuguese for foreigners, and courses that involve Brazilian culture as a whole.

Here at Olinda Portuguese Language School, we have courses that bring together Portuguese and music (special courses on percussion instruments), soccer, dance, health, and volunteering.

It is important to us that students come to grasp the full reality of Brazilian life, and understand how we as Brazilians live and how we relate to the world around us.

Portuguese and Soccer

Our Portuguese and Soccer ( football to us) course lasts 4 weeks.

The student will have afternoon soccer practice twice a week with a professional coach. Depending on their capabilities, the student will be invited to play with a team of the coaches selection.

Our soccer teacher is graduated in physical education. He is a personal trainer and coaches a local team here in Olinda. He keeps a project for underprivileged children involving the sport to teach discipline and focus. He is your classic Brazilian, crazy about soccer.

Portuguese and Music

Our popular music course runs for a minimum of four weeks.

In addition to the 4 Portuguese lessons in the morning the students will have percussion classes in the afternoon twice a week. We will arrange for jam sessions with local bands and depending on the ability of the student, they might be invited to play live with the Band.

Unfortunately during Carnaval local Bands are fully booked so arranging spare time with them may be difficult.

This course is made with the support of local artists, their vast knowledge in the field of Brazilian Folk music makes them excellent teachers. They have bands, do workshops and leads social projects with the children of Olinda. They know everybody in the live music scene here in Olinda, so whatever your instrument of choice is, they can find a band for you to play with.

Portuguese and Photography

Our Portuguese and Photography course is a 4-week program.

Photography: Our photography teacher has worked as a photographer since 1989, when she chose to follow in her father’s footsteps. Students will join her at her studio and be taught the basics of professional photography before going on site, taking shots of Olinda & Recife.

Students will learn the basics of professional photography, conduct photo shoots around Olinda & Recife and visit exhibitions of local photographers.

Students need to supply their own equipment.

Preparation for “Celpe-Bras” Exam

This course is exclusively given to prepare students for the “Celpe-Bras” exam (The Certificate of Proficiency in the Portuguese Language for Foreigners), a certification that is given to foreigners who perform well on the exam developed by the Ministry of Education. The student will have classes every afternoon. Classes will be private, and will contain 2 50-minute lessons. In total, the student will have 10 classes per week. This course aims to prepare students by administering activities developed according to the methodology of the exam itself.

The “Celpe-Bras” is accepted internationally by firms and institutions of higher education as proof of competency in Portuguese, and in Brazil, is required by universities for entrance in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

This exam is given in Brazil and other countries with the support of the Minister for Foreign Relations. Here in Pernambuco, the exam is administered at UFPE—Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Enrollment in this course does not qualify students to participate in the Celpe-Bras exam, and before you enroll here, you should note exam information and requirements, such as the payment of fees. We can help you with your registration.

Walking & Talking

This course is perfect for lovers of Brazilian Culture and the tourist who wants to learn enough Portuguese to understand and be understood at Hotels, restaurants, public transport, taxis, markets, museums, beaches and more. You will be interacting with working Brazilians at their places of work everyday. Your classroom will be on the streets of Olinda & Recife. Tickets and transportation are included.

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