Portfolio Preparation for the Arts Summer Course


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Program Description


21st July - 7th August 2020 (3 weeks)

Gain experience in different arts subjects, explore your creative expression and develop a comprehensive portfolio of your work to showcase your artistic abilities.

Course highlights include:

  • Practical workshops and themed projects
  • Sketchbooks: creative ideas development
  • Typography and Design, Experiments in Composition and Collage
  • Drawing and Illustration, Graphic Design
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Photography & Film
  • Architecture and 3D Design
  • Mixed Media and Print Making
  • Layout and Portfolio Showcase
  • Portfolio review

Gain experience in different arts subjects and develop confidence in your creative abilities with this varied and stimulating course.

Over 3 weeks you will produce work for your physical and digital portfolio exploring subjects including Drawing and Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion, Photography, Film, Architecture, Mixed Media and Print Making.

You will work on a series of themed projects across a mixture of art subjects to allow you to experiment and explore your own creative identity whilst also developing your understanding of key creative processes to enhance your work.

Your course tutors will offer guidance and support on the creative application, as well as feedback on your artwork and advice on your future creative studies.

Course Aims

The course aims to:

  • Enable you to develop a portfolio of work in a variety of art and design disciplines to demonstrate your skills and creative identity
  • Provide extended practical sessions to experiment with artistic processes in a professional Higher Education setting
  • Develop your drawing and observational skills to enhance your aesthetic awareness and inform your research and design activities
  • Develop your critical and contextual awareness of different approaches within art and design related subjects
  • Enhance your knowledge of the appropriate and safe use of a wide range of media, materials and technologies used to develop creative solutions
  • Provide opportunities for self-evaluation and critique to enhance your confidence and reflective skills when considering yours and others work
  • Increase your confidence when articulating your ideas and presenting your portfolio for review and interview
  • Provide an understanding of the different types of jobs available to you in the creative industries

Course Materials & Resources

All course materials and resources are included in the course fee including your sketchbook and A3 portfolio folder.

Students will be taught in professional art and design studios and digital suites, with access to our library and online resources.

Course Outcomes & Assessment

Students will leave the course with a physical A3 art portfolio and a digital portfolio containing their work for interview submission or future development.

Portfolio review with the course tutor.

All students with 100% course attendance will be issued with an official AUB Summer Course Certificate detailing course contents and study hours.


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About the School

We are a specialised arts university with an excellent reputation. These highly practical Summer Courses allow you to explore a range of approaches to creative thinking and making in a variety of art ... Read More

We are a specialised arts university with an excellent reputation. These highly practical Summer Courses allow you to explore a range of approaches to creative thinking and making in a variety of art forms. Read less