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A Pathway program is a one-year introduction to a full degree curriculum and prepares students for their entry into university. These programs train students in a wide variety of subjects such as Arts, Humanities, Business, Biological and Life Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Natural Sciences and even more. Besides, Pathway programs help international students develop their fluency in speaking and writing English while completing selected credit-bearing academic classes. The plans are generally geared toward students who don’t have the appropriate English language test scores to gain admission through traditional routes. The variety of different pathway programs can be overwhelming - don't let it stop you! Start your search by looking at the most popular Pathways listed below.

Newly Added Programs

Syracuse Academy
Italy, Syracuse
University of Northampton International College
United Kingdom, Northampton
Birmingham City University International College
United Kingdom, Birmingham
University of Leicester Global Study Centre
United Kingdom, Leicester
GCU - Glasgow School for Business and Society
United Kingdom, Glasgow + 1 More
VGC International College
Canada, Vancouver + 1 More
St. Petersburg College in Florida
USA, Saint Petersburg + 14 More
Community Colleges of Spokane
USA, Spokane + 1 More
Queensland University of Technology
Australia, Brisbane + 1 More
The College, Swansea University
United Kingdom, Swansea
LBIC London Brunel International College
United Kingdom, Uxbridge