One Year Course - Animated Film


Program Description

Meet the faculty behind the Czech animated film international success! Get in touch with the long tradition of the animated film at FAMU.


The course is based on the principal aesthetic notion that animated film is a specific genre of dramatic art. Animation is also approached as a specific kinetic form of fine art. During the course students learn about various techniques and technologies of animated film – both hand-made and digital (computerized). They are instructed about general animation concepts as well as specific topics like storyboarding or the structure of animation puppets, which they master as part of simple hands-on exercises. Students’ artistic sensibilities are refined throughout the course in the classical drawing lessons. Part of the course is also basic overview of the history of animated film, both in the Czech and global perspective, and theoretical principles of animated film. The course is scheduled for two semesters.


Animated Film course graduates master the various techniques and technologies of animation, both hand-made and computerized. They improve their artistic expression. They can create a storyboard. They master the fundamental principles and concepts of animation, which they get to test in simple animation exercises. They are knowledgeable in animated film theory. They know an overview of the history of animated film, both Czech and global. They are conversant with the current animated film and can navigate through this field. Having graduated, they can work as independent artists or further their career in creative professions as assistants and artists in professional animation environments.

The core courses include:

  • Experimental animation
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Visual Expression and figural drawing
  • Body Animation and Mask


All students will receive a transcript of completed courses in accordance with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). These credits are accepted by and transferable to universities, academies and advanced institutions of higher learning throughout the world.

All students who successfully fulfill the requirements of their study plan will receive a Certificate from FAMU.

Last updated April 2019

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