One Year Certificate: Computer Engineering Technology – Application Integration Specialist


Program Description

One Year Certificate: Computer Engineering Technology – Application Integration Specialist

The computer engineering technology – computing applications specialist certificate provides graduates with the skills necessary to design and implement software and hardware interfaces and networking of equipment with computers, computing devices and communication systems for a variety of industrial sectors including health care, law enforcement, manufacturing, logistics/transportation, and other sectors. Lorain County Community College has articulation agreements with colleges and universities including programs offered by Lorain County Community College’s University Partnership.’

This program focuses on the design, application, installation, operations, and maintenance of computer networking and digital communications technologies. Along with a general electronics background, you’ll work with both software and hardware for computers and communications systems. Real-world experience with industry-specific equipment is emphasized, giving you the knowledge to work in your preferred industry and field.

The credits from coursework in this program also apply toward an Associate Degree of Computer Application Integration or can be transferred to one of LCCC’s partner universities or other four-year institutions.



First Year

Fall Semester

  • CMNW 101: A+ Certification Preparation I - 4 hours
  • CMNW 121: Data Collection Analysis and Forensic Tools - 4 hours
  • CMNW 145: Network Installation/Diagnostics - 4 hours
  • MTHM 121: Technical Mathematics I (1) - 4 hours
  • SDEV 101: College 101 (2) - 1 unit

Hours: 17

Spring Semester

  • CMNW 201: A+ Certification Prep II (1) - 4 hours
  • CMNW 221: Programming in C & C++ for Engineering Technology Applications (1) - 4 hours
  • CMNW 223: Network Forensics and Investigative Techniques (1) - 4 hours
  • ENGL 161: College Composition I - 3 hours
  • Arts and Humanities Elective(s) - 3 hours

Hours: 18

Total Hours: 35

(1) Indicates that this course requires a prerequisite.

(2) A student must register for the orientation course when enrolling for more than six credit hours per semester or any course that would result in an accumulation of 13 or more credit hours.

Arts and Humanities Electives

3 hours each

  • ARTS 243G - Art History I
  • ARTS 244G - Art History II
  • ARTS 245G - World Art
  • ARTS 246 - History of Photography
  • ARTS 254 - History of American Architecture
  • ENGL 251 - American Literature I
  • ENGL 252 - American Literature II
  • ENGL 253G - Introduction to World Literature
  • ENGL 254G - Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • ENGL 255G - Introduction to Fiction
  • ENGL 257G - Introduction to Poetry
  • ENGL 259G - Introduction to Drama
  • ENGL 261G - Masterpieces of British Literature I
  • ENGL 262G - Masterpieces of British Literature II
  • ENGL 266G - African American Literature
  • ENGL 269G - Introduction to Shakespeare
  • HUMS 151G - Introduction to Humanities
  • HUMS 261G - Introduction to Great Books: Ancient World to the Renaissance
  • HUMS 262G - Introduction to Great Books: Early Modern to the 20th Century
  • HUMS 271G - Introduction to Mythology
  • HUMS 274 - Film Appreciation
  • MUSC 262G - Music as a World Phenomenon
  • PHLY 165 - Bioethics
  • PHLY 262G - Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
  • RELG 181G - Introduction to World Religions
  • RELG 261 - Religion in America
  • RELG 262G - Introduction to Eastern Philosophy
  • THTR 151G - Introduction to Theater


Tuition and Costs

How much does it cost to attend LCCC?

Many factors are considered when determining how much it costs to attend college.

When determining a student’s eligibility for financial aid, many factors are taken into account including enrollment status, residency status, dependency status, cost of attendance, etc. A student’s Cost of Attendance for financial aid determination includes directly billed expenses (tuition and fees) and “indirect” expenses for items such as books, supplies, transportation to and from campus, normal monthly household expenses and a small amount for personal expenses. These amounts are estimated per year at LCCC as:

  • Tuition and Fees:
    • Lorain county resident: $134.04 per credit hour.
    • Out-of-county resident: $159.22 per credit hour.
    • Out-of-state resident: $310.79 per credit hour.
  • Books and supplies: $ 350 – $1,500
  • Transportation: $ 1,000 – $1,600
  • Monthly Household expenses: $ 2,200 – $3,800
  • Miscellaneous Personal Expenses: $ 1,000

Where laboratory, special facilities or services are required to accommodate instructional needs, a special fee may be assessed.

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Founded in 1963, Lorain County Community College has been helping local people get the training and education they need to live their best life for more than 50 years.

Founded in 1963, Lorain County Community College has been helping local people get the training and education they need to live their best life for more than 50 years. Read less