Immigration Rating Upgrade Sends More Indian Students Down Under
December 8, 2017

Changes to Australia’s “Simplified Student Visa Framework” (SSVF) are anticipated to trigger an influx of interest from Indian students. Here’s a closer look at what to expect.

The Long-Term Impact of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rican Students
December 4, 2017
The aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is more than a lack of power, adequate water, and food supply. For some Puerto Rican students, leaving their island is becoming potential way to continue their studies after the disaster. Let’s take a closer look at some of the long-term effects of H...

How International Students Are Coming Out on Top Post-Brexit
October 12, 2016
The academic community has been vocal in its opposition to Brexit, citing concerns related to everything from research collaboration to international exchange. Now comes data from financial services provider Western Union Business Solutions which suggests that a post-Brexit future might not be so bl...

Students in Turkey Can Win Study Abroad Experiences with Social Media
August 8, 2016
Students in Turkey have the chance to win free language courses or summer study abroad experiences. Earlier this spring the online study abroad publication, launched a competition for Turkish students aimed at generating content to promote study abroad. Here's everything you need to know ...

K-12 International Enrollments on the Rise
July 4, 2016
Research abounds about the growing popularity of international studies at the higher education level, but what about in K-12 schools? A recent International School Consultancy (ISC) Global Report delivers an insightful look into escalating demand in this sector, as well. Let’s take a closer lo...

Go Abroad for a Life-Changing Experience, Survey Says
October 1, 2015
Want to get better grades, have a better shot at getting a job when you graduate, and enjoy improved self-confidence, too? The solution to all of these and more may be easier than you think. According to the results of a recent survey o, even short periods of overseas study, work or travel have the ...


February 23, 2018

Getting a high school degree in certain US states may soon take more than fulfilling a core set of academic expectations. New Mexico and Iowa are both...

February 20, 2018

Here's a paradox: women in countries with more gender equality opt for STEM careers less than women in countries with less gender equality. Let's take...