Modern brain research makes an invaluable contribution to successful and efficient communication. How is information received and processed? How do I manage to find the center of the emotions of my interlocutor? What role does biochemistry play in this? How can I influence her? What role does the limbic system play in being successful in relationship management?

Learn from our basic understanding of neurocommunication how our brains process communication and empathize. Recognize, understand and optimize your personal patterns of communication and behavior. Train to increase your impact on others, authentic and focused. For customers, colleagues, employees or business partners.


  • The supremacy of the emotions and the unconscious in the brain
  • The consciousness illusion and the power of intuition
  • The emotional evaluation of your communication strategy in the brain of the other
  • Brain-oriented conversation and negotiation
  • The importance of our visual-sensory brain for presentations and moderation
  • Brain-appropriate conflict and relationship management
  • The importance of non-verbal communication from a neuroscientific point of view
  • Communication concepts neuroscientifically analyzed
  • The neuroplasticity and lifelong learning ability of the brain


The seminars are very practice-oriented. All contents are worked out together in individual or team exercises, case discussions as well as in plenary reflection and discussion. The speaker gives concise input from psychology, communication and management research. The participants have the opportunity to contribute their own practical examples and to reflect them through video analysis. Meaningful method changes enable a high experience and result factor.

target group

Specialists and managers who want to recognize and understand communication patterns. They optimize their impact and persuasiveness.

seminar services

2 days of intensive training • certificate of participation • handout • seminar drinks • lunch together • we will meet your individual expectations in advance • upon request, we will gladly assist you with the hotel booking

seminar times

1st day 10am - 5pm
2nd day 09.00 - 16.00


1.050,00 € plus VAT for this seminar in Münster
1.150,00 € plus VAT for this seminar in Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich

Program taught in:
  • German

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 days
1,050 EUR
for this seminar in Münster. 1.150,00 € plus VAT for this seminar in Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich.
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