Negotiating Effectively

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Negotiating Effectively

MCE Management Centre Europe

Mid-level Managers

WHY attend this programme?

This workshop provides you with the negotiation skills to deal with business situations – from everyday negotiation situations to more complex deal-making – and to get better results in every situation. This is a core skill for any management career.

WHO should attend?

This workshop is intended for experienced managers of every function, both line and support, who recognize the need to negotiate their way to achieving objectives in today's complex organizations. Participants should already have a basic level of negotiation skill to get the most out of this workshop.

HOW will you benefit?

As a result of participating on this workshop, you will be better able to influence the world around you and come to workable deals that lead to better business value for everyone involved.

WHAT will you learn and practice?

The workshop will be largely practice-oriented. You'll be able to practice the techniques in engaging role plays and business simulations, with feedback from your facilitators and fellow participants on your effectiveness.

Day 1

Quick review of the basics

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, we’ll review

  • Skills and competencies of a good negotiator
  • Different types of negotiation situation
  • Basic concepts (win-win vs. win-lose, BATNA, ZOPA, etc)
  • Evaluating the situation: when to negotiate and when not

The Negotiation Process

You know negotiation is a process, but it’s easy to lose sight of the different stages and techniques for each stage when you’re in the heat of the discussion. We’ll look at the challenges of each stage, what tends to go wrong and best practice in setting it right.

  • Stage 1: Setting goals
  • Stage 2: Research interests and alternatives of both parties
  • Stage 3: Plan strategy
  • Stage 4: Exchanging information
  • Stage 5: Opening the negotiation
  • Stage 6: Bargaining to create highest value
  • Stage 7: Closing with real commitment to the deal

Day 2

Negotiation Strategy and Techniques

You’ll go more into depth in setting the right negotiation strategy in line with the goal you want to achieve and the context in which you are dealing.

  • Negotiating/conflict handling styles - you vs. others and how the styles interact
  • Choosing a negotiation style appropriate for the situation
  • Creative bargaining – identifying opportunities for win-win
  • Negotiation tactics and techniques for different situations (strong hand, weak hand, etc)
  • Cross-cultural negotiations
  • Defending yourself against high-pressure negotiation tactics
  • Team negotiation exercise

Day 3

Handling Yourself in a Negotiation

One of the most daunting aspects of negotiation is managing the relationship with the other party, managing your emotions and impulses, and steadily working toward the goal. Through some theory and more practical application you will learn:

  • Assertiveness and conflict management skills
  • Managing the relationship
  • Managing your emotions and behaviour, and keeping everyone focused on positive outcomes throughout the negotiation process
  • Building credibility and reputation for fair dealing
  • Different schools of ethics
  • Complex, multi-party negotiation exercise
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