Navigating Complex Challenges

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Program Description

Navigating Complex Challenges

Center for Creative Leadership

The farther up the corporate ladder you are, the harder it gets.

But sometimes, no matter how long you have been at it, you find a challenge before you that is more complicated than anything you have ever seen.

Maybe you are a CEO in the middle of a merger - and you need to find a way to bring two cultures together. Maybe you are the head of a pharmaceutical company that is bringing a new drug to market. Or maybe you are a physician heading up a large research grant for a university.

You have to bring other people into the picture to find a way.

You need Navigating Complex Challenges.

This program provides leaders with the skills and strategies to tackle complex business challenges that have no clearly identified solution. Over the course of 12 weeks, including three days in the classroom, you will address your own complex challenge, your leadership role in navigating the challenge, and techniques for managing the challenge within the context of your organization.



You will:

  • Assess your skills as they relate to your workplace and the complex challenge you are facing, and identify organizational factors that contribute to those challenges.
  • Gain strategies for managing in an ambiguous work environment that often requires risk taking - and understand the advantages of collaborative leadership.
  • Develop and apply innovative responses to complex organizational challenges by working with a coach throughout the process on your own complex challenge while developing skills for future challenges.
  • Improve your personal readiness to adapt to changes in the business environment — and increase your effectiveness as the link between strategy and implementation.
  • Gauge longer-term development needs by taking part in a post-process competency assessment.
  • Receive a take-home toolkit to help address future challenges within your organization.
  • Target Audience

    Senior leaders who work across organizational boundaries to address strategic issues — and who are currently facing a complex challenge that defies previously tested approaches.

    Duration & Price
    This course is Campus based
    Start Date
    Start date
    Sept. 2017
    3 days
    Part time
    5,200 USD
    Start date Sept. 2017
    USA Greensboro, North Carolina
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    End date Request Info
    USA San Diego, California
    Application deadline Request Info
    End date Request Info
    Duration 3 days
    Price 5,200 USD