National Higher Diploma (HND) in Interior Design


Program Description



Recognition and interest of interior design have evolved considerably over the last decade and the decoration industry is booming. The practices of sustainable design and energy performance are largely integrated today. The development of technology and materials, social and demographic changes reveal new needs of clients who expect concrete solutions Professional: improvement of space, organization of direction of flow, optimizing small spaces, capturing a customer , improvement of working environment ... All skills developed within this diploma in interior design.

Practical information

  • Format: mix learning
  • Workshops attendance-4
  • Admission: pot, line maintenance and work record
  • Tentative duration: 24 months
  • Registration: at any time of the year
  • Internship: mission company 3 to 6 months in France or abroad (not compulsory)


Training delivers Higher National Diploma (HND) in Interior Design, British statesman degree level III (Bac +2) and 120 ECTS credits *, with an academic and professional recognition internationally.

* European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System credits.


People with a keen interest in decoration and design in general, which have design ideas, an ability to think "spatially" and wish to initiate a career in interior design, improve, or update their skills in this area.

What you will learn

Through this online program, according to your specialized units, you will learn to:

  • Knowledge and understanding of design concepts of space, its techniques and contemporary practices.
  • Using current and emerging professional practice with top professionals, an open and culturally diverse environment that encourages experimentation, creativity and collaboration.
  • Analyze and translate a client's situation (especially professional) and translate it into functional and aesthetic proposals.
  • Design functional and aesthetic residential and commercial spaces that meet the needs, standards and customer requirements, while controlling the environmental impact (ecology, energy, health)
  • Draw technical plans related to the chosen concept (traditional techniques and computer-aided design, technical representation and rendering digital 3d).
  • Choose and harmoniously integrate the materials, equipment, colors, volumes, materials and suitable furniture.
  • Submit a proposal to a client.
  • Develop transferable professional skills.
  • Design a comprehensive personal project in interior design, you will present in a professional and international jury as a graduation project.

professional opportunities and opportunities

Areas of application : Housing, commercial spaces, food places, workplaces, medical and social areas, recreational areas and culture, set design for events (shows, theater, museums, events, exhibitions, stands), television, film or video production (trays).

Or : Interior design studios, interior design agency, development and construction companies (kitchen designers, interior designers, developers), a provider of education offices (furniture, fabric, retail and services stores), serving a master of public or private works (stations, airports, shopping galleries, stores, trade shows, housing) or for individuals, independent.

Features : Interior designer, designer space, set designer, visual merchandiser, interior design consultant (color, furniture, supplies and accessories), stylist.

Further education towards a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in France or abroad, in space design or interior design for example.


The HND in Interior Design program is spread over 16 teaching units. It was specifically designed to meet the needs of those who have limited time availability and lack of specific skills.

It is achievable over a period of 24 months, according to the pace of work of each (can stretch up to 36 months). An average of 10-15 h working week is recommended (including staff and guided course work). In total, it represents about 960 hours of guided learning and 1,440 hours of personal work.

Details - Sessions 1-4

First year / 45 ECTS

Required units / Section 1/3 units - 22.5 ECTS

  • 1 / Project Communication
  • 2 / Concepts and Ideas
  • 3 / Art History and Critical Studies

Required units / Section 2/3 units - 22.5 ECTS

  • 86 / Digital Media
  • 103 / Materials and properties
  • 130 / and technical drawings

Details - Sessions 5-8

Second Year / 77.5 ECTS

Required units / Section 1/2 units - 17.5 ECTS

  • 4 / Professional Practice
  • 5 / Diploma Project

Required units / Section 2/8 units - 60 ECTS

  • 15 / Stage
  • 23 / Semiotics
  • 32 / Packaging and communication areas
  • 89 / 3D view
  • 90 / furniture Design
  • 93 / Technology and process 3D
  • 101 / merchandising and retail design
  • 102 / Interior Design

During your course

  • English
  • conferences
  • 1 2 Workshops-face
  • 1 2 Design Challenges (optional)
  • 1 Masterclass Online

It is possible to add additional units and workshops optionally.

Included software and Turoriels

The program includes professional tutorials among the most efficient on the market.

According to specialized units, software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Premiere Pro, 3ds Max, Autocad, Sketchup (not exhaustive).

The software required for your program and specialization of units you choose are a student full version Cloud or download.

Recommended Equipment

  • Computer with 64-bit processor, 3 GHz or Mac with Boot Camp V2.0 or higher.
  • Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.7 or higher.
  • Minimum RAM 4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Graphics card compatible with AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max ®
  • Broadband internet access and webcam
  • screen resolution of at least 1080 x 900 (1280 x 1024 recommended)
  • Sound card, headphones and microphone
  • Flatbed (scanner)
  • Digital Camera (Smartphone or multimedia)
  • Basic tools and accessories for drawing (details provided in the course).
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