National Diploma of Arts - Option Design (Object Design and Graphic Design)


Program Description

Option design, mention object design

The design option offers students the opportunity to understand the world and the environment, interpret them and design proposals for objects or object systems in line with changing needs.

By integrating them into universal questioning, the students, anxious to make sense of the objects and their environment, discover the synergies between local materials and resources (wood, tropical plants, materials, light ...).

Short cycle

The National Diploma of Art (DNA) option design is awarded at the end of the 3rd year of studies.

Approved at level 3 (level II of the professional repertoire), it sanctions a curriculum of three years of higher education.

It is oriented towards the teaching of design. It offers the opportunity to present to admission commissions in the master phase in design or art, the master's degree course and to pursue university studies.

Long cycle

The students holding the DNA option design - subject design object, have the opportunity to subsequently prepare the National Diploma of Advanced Plastic Expression (DNSEP) option Art.

The National Higher Diploma of Plastic Expression (DNSEP) is presented at the end of the 5th year of studies. Diploma approved at the level of Bac 5 (level I of the professional repertoire) and worth European master's degree, it can eventually pursue studies in postgraduate university or postgraduate art schools.

Option design, mention graphic design

The objective of the graphic design option is to train graphic designers in three years, capable of developing a formal, meaningful and personal universe. The professional purpose of the Graphic Design option implies a strong inscription in the socio-cultural and economic space.


Short cycle

The curriculum is based on an advanced technical, technological and theoretical education allowing the student to set up his own methodology of creation thus answering the problems of his study project.

The three- year course of study, including the year 1 common to all options, ends with the obtaining of the National Diploma of Art (DNA) - option Graphic Design.

Translator of an order, the graphic designer is the relay between the sponsor and an audience. By the plastic and graphic requirement of his answers, he influences the daily life on the quality of our visual environment.


Registration procedure

Admission in the first year is mandatory by competition. Two sessions are organized each year, one in March, the other in September.

Upon registration opening, a form is made available to the candidate from the school's website. Supporting documents should be downloaded from this form. The candidate will have to validate his registration on line and after verification of the file by the services of the school, he will receive his invitation to the contest of entrance.

The candidate also has the possibility to register on the spot or to send by mail his duly completed registration form to the following address: Campus Caraïbéen des Arts - Pedagogical Secretariat - Rue des artistes, Hermitage - 97200 Fort-de -La France

Dates of the program

Registration deadline: Thursday, September 5, 2019

Academic year 2019-2020:

  • Admission in 1st year (entrance examination): Thursday 5 September 2019. Date of the competition: 9-10 September 2019
  • Admission in the course of studies (equivalence commission, 2nd to 5th year): Friday, September 6, 2019. Date of the equivalence commission: Thursday, September 12, 2019

Academic year 2020-2021:

There are 2 recruitment sessions for the academic year 2020-2021: 1st session: March 2020; 2nd session: September 2020 (entrance examination and equivalence commission)

Last updated Mar 2020

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Le Campus Caraïbéen des Arts est l’école supérieure d’enseignement artistique de la Martinique inscrite dans le réseau des 46 écoles territoriales d’enseignement supérieur artistique français. Read less
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