Known as the business capital of Italy, Milan is the place to study abroad for Business majors. Home to Italy’s stock exchange, the Borsa Italiana, and famous global companies like Giorgio Armani, Bugatti, and Pirelli, Milan offers a dynamic international business setting.

We provide one-of-a-kind courses that explore the world of business, as well as a wide variety of courses focusing on contemporary issues in Italy. All IES Abroad area studies courses are taught by experts in their fields, and are conducted in English. We also offer a guest lecture series and an extensive list of course-related excursions that help you learn more about the Italian business culture. Round out your study abroad education with a required Italian language course that is tailored to your skill level.

Our Business Studies Program allows you to take courses in Business, Finance, Marketing, Economics, and Management taught by faculty from the local Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano. Choose to enroll in a course at a local university—such as the AACSB- and EQUIS- accredited Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, one of the top business schools in the world—and learn about international business alongside Italian and international students.

Take an elective course in Art History, Political Science, or Photography to create a diverse course load, or combine your coursework with an internship. Through an optional internship, you will gain hands-on work experience, from business and consulting firms to fashion and luxury brands. No matter what internship you have, the experience will not only be valuable to your study abroad experience, but to your career as well.

Milan will be your classroom. When you’re not in class or at your internship, discover why high-end designers want to be here and corporations conduct business here—everything you do will be part of your learning experience. Take full advantage of Milan with course-related excursions designed to compliment what you're learning in the classroom, and contribute to your general knowledge of Italian culture and society. From visiting the spectacular infrastructure created for the World Expo of 2015, hosted in Milan, to surveying Italian business culture, you'll explore the innovative nature of this city.

We want you to feel at home in Milan, so we do everything we can to help you integrate into life in the city. From housing to cultural events, our job is to make sure you have the most authentic study abroad experience possible.

Quick Facts

  • Center: IES Abroad Milan
  • City: Milan
  • Country: Italy
  • Program Credits: 15-19 per semester (4-6 courses)
  • Language of Instruction: English, Italian
  • Language Prerequisites: None

Program Dates

After you are admitted, refer to the Travel Dates section of the Predeparture Information in your MyIESabroad account before booking travel.

Fall 2018

  • September 3 - December 14 (IES Abroad Courses)
  • September 3 - Mid to Late December (Partner Universities)

Upcoming Application Deadlines:

  • Spring 2019 - October 15, 2018


Our mission is simple: to provide you with the best study abroad program possible—which includes the highest quality academic and cultural experiences. We offer unique courses in business, Italian language, and culture, along with a wide array of electives, taught by our world-class professors. Course options at prestigious local institutions enhance not just what you learn, but how you learn it, and provide you with new perspectives each day in class. You must take 15-19 credits per semester, and all courses are worth 3 credit unless otherwise specified. Language courses are taught in Italian, and all other courses are taught in English or Italian. Create your own academic experience by selecting from the following required and optional program components:

  • IES Abroad Italian language course (required, 4 or 6 credits)
  • English-taught IES Abroad area studies courses (3 credits each)
  • Business-related courses (in English or Italian) at partner institutions (credits vary)
  • Internship and seminar (3 credits)

Please note that some courses have prerequisites.


This is a full list of courses offered in Milan. After you are accepted, you will see a list of final course offerings for your term in your MyIESabroad account. The final course list for each term will depend on faculty availability, students interested in each course, and discipline diversity.

Art History

  • AH 325 - The State of The Art: Contemporary Italian Artists From 1945 to Present (Fall, Spring)
  • AH 340 - Cracking the Code: Leonardo da Vinci and Renaissance Art in Milan, 1400-1550 (Fall, Spring)


  • AR/CM 260 - Multimedia and Interactive Communication for Art: Italian Case Studies (Fall, Spring)


  • AR/CM 260 - Multimedia and Interactive Communication for Art: Italian Case Studies (Fall, Spring)
  • CM 215 - Multi-Platform Visual Storytelling (Fall, Spring)
  • CM 325 - TV, Communication & Media in Milan (Fall, Spring)

Cultural Studies

  • CU/IT 370 - Italian Conversation: Culture and Cuisine of Italy (Fall, Spring)

Design - All Types

  • DS 223 - Italian Design: Theory and Practice (Fall, Spring)

Environmental Studies

  • ES/SO 330 - Social Innovation: Strategies of Social and Environmental Sustainability (Fall, Spring)


  • IB/ET 361 - Business Plan for Startups: Italian Case Studies (Fall, Spring)


  • FI 356 - International Financial Markets and Investments (Fall, Spring)
  • FI 373 - Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance (Fall, Spring)

Film Studies

  • FS 330 - The Golden Age of Italian Cinema: In Between Authors and Genres (Fall)
  • FS 335 - Filmmaking in Milan: Discovering the City through Italian Cinema (Spring)
  • FS 340 - The Cinema of Milan: An Overview from Post-World War II Until Today (Italian-taught) (Spring)
  • GS/FS 325 - Gender in Italian Cinema from Fascism to the Third Millennium (Fall, Spring)

Gender Studies

  • GS/FS 325 - Gender in Italian Cinema from Fascism to the Third Millennium (Fall, Spring)


  • HS 311 - The Great Age of Italian Cities from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance (Fall)
  • HS 330 - Never Give In! Fascism, Anti-Semitism and Resistance in Italy, 1922-1948 (Spring)

International Business

  • IB 326 - Principles of Marketing Management formerly IB 326 Marketing Management (Fall, Spring)
  • IB 355 - Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies (Fall, Spring)
  • IB 375 - Strategic Management (Fall, Spring)
  • IB/ET 361 - Business Plan for Startups: Italian Case Studies (Fall, Spring)
  • IR/IB 393 - Leading Across Cultures: Principles and Practice (Fall, Spring)

Internship Seminar

  • IN 395 - Internship Seminar (Fall, Spring)

International Relations

  • IR/IB 393 - Leading Across Cultures: Principles and Practice (Fall, Spring)


  • CU/IT 370 - Italian Conversation: Culture and Cuisine of Italy (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 101 - Italian Language in Context: Novice Abroad I (Formerly IT100 Beginning Italian) (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 102 - Italian Language in Context: Novice Abroad II (Formerly IT 150 Advanced Beginning Italian) (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 105 - Italian Conversation: Speaking with Style (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 301 - Italian Language in Context: Emerging Independent Abroad I (Formerly IT 200 Intermediate Italian) (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 351 - Italian Language in Context: Independent Abroad II (formerly IT 250 Advanced Intermediate Italian) (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 401 - Italian Language in Context: Emerging Competent Abroad I (Formerly IT300 Advanced Italian I) (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 403 - Italian Language in Context: Emerging Competent Abroad III (formerly IT 350 Advanced Italian II) (Fall, Spring)
  • IT 451 - Italian Language in Context: Competent Abroad III (formerly IT 400 Advanced Italian) (Fall, Spring)


  • LT 311A - Literature and the City (Fall, Spring)
  • LT 311B - Literature and the City (Italian-taught) (Fall, Spring)
  • LT 328 - Investigating the Mafia in Literature, Cinema, and the Media (Fall, Spring)


  • MS 350 - History of Italian Opera (Fall)
  • MS 360 - Staging Italian Opera (formerly Tutti all'Opera) (Fall, Spring)
  • MS 375 - Music Performance Workshop (Fall, Spring)
  • MS 381 - Music Theory (Fall, Spring)
  • MS 382 - Composition Seminar (Fall)
  • MS 385 - Giuseppe Verdi: Melodrama and Italian Identity (Fall, Spring)
  • MS 390 - Workshop in Practice and Performance for Strings (Spring)
  • VO/MS 391 - Individual Performance Studies (Fall, Spring)

Photography PG 300 - Photography: A Critical Introduction (Fall, Spring) Political Science

  • PO 342 - The EU and the Process of European Integration (Spring)
  • PO 358 - Between Europe and America: Italian Politics from the Cold War to the Present (Fall)
  • PO 360A - Behind the Scenes of Italian Politics, 1945 to the Present (Fall, Spring)
  • PO 360B - Behind the Scenes of Italian Politics, 1945 to the Present (Fall, Spring)


  • PS 340 - Italian and American Approaches to Mental Health: A Comparative Study of the Bio-Psycho-Social Model (Fall, Spring)
  • PS 360 - Transcultural Psychology: An International Perspective of Clinical and Diagnostic Challenges in the Assessment and Treatment of Culturally Diverse Patients (Spring)

Service Learning

  • SL 395 - Service Learning Seminar (Fall, Spring)


  • ES/SO 330 - Social Innovation: Strategies of Social and Environmental Sustainability (Fall, Spring)
  • SO 342 - Italian Society and the City of Milan since 1945: Comparative & Multicultural Issues (Spring)

Urban Studies

  • US 270 - Introduction to Urban Studies: Temporary Inhabitants, Public Space and Globalization from Milan (Fall, Spring)

Voice Performance

  • VO/MS 391 - Individual Performance Studies (Fall, Spring)

Partner Institution(s)

Enrolling in a partner institution course is a great way to meet Italians and experience the Italian edication system first-hand. As a student in the Business Studies program, two business-related partner institution courses are included in the program cost, provided that you meet the institution's requirements. Any additional enrollments after the first two courses or non-business-related enrollments will carry an additional fee. All partner institution courses are worth 3 credits. Specific course listings and descriptions are not available on the institutions' websites until shortly before the beginning of the term and may be updated frequently. The IES Abroad staff will assist you with the partner institution enrollment process. Choose from the following partner institutions in Milan:

  • Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  • Milano Fashion Institute (MFI)
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca
  • Istituto di Moda Burgo

Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Business, Economics & Management Voted “number one worldwide in the specific category of value for money” by Forbes, Università Bocconi is one of the most prestigious European schools of business, economics, and finance. The Università Bocconi also has AACSB and EQUIS accreditations. Università Bocconi offers a wide range of English- and Italian-taught business, economics, finance and management courses, which are taught on a semester basis After acceptance to IES Abroad, you must complete additional steps to be eligible for admission to Bocconi:

  • Bring an official, sealed transcript, issued by your home university, to Milan.
  • Complete an online application for Bocconi prior to arrival in Milan. Course selection can still be modified once on-site. This application is released in mid-July for fall students and early to mid-November for spring students.

Milano Fashion Institute (MFI)

Fashion (spring only) For students interested in pursuing options in Fashion, a limited number of courses are available at the Milano Fashion Institute, an inter-university consortium founded by three Italian Universities: Università Bocconi, Politecnico di Milano and Università Cattolica. While the Politecnico faculty teach classes that explore the design, style and materials-related aspects of the fashion industry, the Bocconi faculty teach classes that study the marketing, economics, branding, financial aspects of the fashion business and the Cattolica faculty focus on the sociological as well as communication trends connected to all fashion-related phenomena. Courses are taught in English and are offered in the spring semester only. Course topics include fabrics & materials, product design, experience & store design, buying and visual merchandising, and fashion press & PR.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Liberal Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Founded in 1921, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore is located in the old city center in the former ancient monastery of Saint Ambrose. It is also one of the largest private universities in Europe. It is also a short walk from Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church where Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” is located. The surrounding neighborhood of winding, narrow streets blends with the Renaissance architecture of the Cattolica and its charming courtyards. The Cattolica campus is a short 5-minute walk from the IES Abroad Milan Center. A variety of English-taught courses are offered in the international department. For a sample course listing, please see the Cattolica website. Please note that course offerings will change each semester. Italian-taught courses are available in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance & Insurance
  • Art History
  • Communications
  • Language & Literature
  • Education Sciences and Sociology (Educational Sociology)
  • Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Humanities & Philosophy
  • International Economy and Relations
  • Law & Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences & Social Services

Most courses in the departments of Foreign Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Economics, Psychology and Education Sciences are semester courses. Most courses in the departments of Law, Sociology, and Political Science are offered on an academic-year basis.

Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca

Natural Sciences, Physics & Math Located in the northern part of the city, the Bicocca is a state university that was officially created in 1998 as a sciences-oriented part of the original Università degli Studi di Milano. Courses in Italian and English are available to students with a major or minor in Natural Sciences, Physics, or Math. Furthermore, eligible students can take part in science lab research teams (together with Italian graduate students), supervised by a graduate Italian researcher.Past students have assisted in the departments of Biology, Microbiology, and Experimental Medicine. In addition to serving as a lab assistant for 10 hours each week, you conduct independent research that is supervised by a member of the lab. You receive 3 credits for the combined research and independent study. Students with advanced Italian can take courses in the Natural and Social Sciences.

Istituto di Moda Burgo

Fashion & Design Students interested in pursuing options in fashion may enroll in a limited number of courses at the Istituto di Moda Burgo, a local and well-known school of fashion. Courses are taught in both Italian and English on a semester or academic year basis. You may select from courses in two categories:

  • Fashion Design - Jewelry Design, Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Children’s Wear, Beach Wear, Underwear, Theater Costume, Accessories and Shoe Design
  • Pattern Making - Computer Cad-Cam, Pattern Making, Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Children’s Wear, Beachwear, Underwear, Wedding Dress

Service Learning

Participating in a service learning experience in Milan is one of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of the city’s culture and society. Working alongside local people towards a common goal, you experience first-hand some of the social issues that affect Milan, while contributing your skills towards a community-driven solution. A service learning experience consists of time spent with a local organization, accompanied by a weekly academic, for-credit service learning seminar. Through the seminar, you have structured time for reflection and discussion, and even research, on the issues of your host community. Service Learning in Milan primarily focuses on the current immigration and refugee crisis in the Mediterranean region with an emphasis civic engagement, social justice, and advocacy. The seminar focuses on the concepts of multiculturalism and integration, and comparing the Italian experience with other European countries. Course-Related


We organize course-related excursions that complement IES Abroad courses and contribute to a better understanding of the Italian culture and society. Past course-related excursions have included:

  • Sit in on IES Abroad Milan’s prestigious guest lecture series with noted local scholars and public figures.
  • Study the works and projects of Leonardo da Vinci, then see his painting, “The Last Supper”.
  • Visit the headquarters of Italian daily newspapers (Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport) and attend a TV show taping (Mediaset).


Interning while you study in Milan gives you a rewarding job experience with a wealth of long-lasting career benefits. You will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the real-life, everyday culture of your host country
  • Add global work experience to your resume or your application for graduate school
  • Improve your confidence

All of our internships are supervised and earn IES Abroad credit. You participate in a 3-credit seminar to complement the practical experience you gain during the internship. Personalized Placements Once you indicate your interest in an internship, we work with you to find the ideal internship placement that fulfills your academic and career goals. We've placed students with a wide variety of organizations and businesses. If we don’t currently work with a business or organization in your field of interest, we will search out a placement that's right for you. Placement Fields Past students have interned in the following fields. Don’t see your field listed here? Just talk to your IES Abroad Advisor—new internships are always being added.

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Government
  • Law
  • Marketing & Brand Consulting
  • Media
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Politics
  • Public Relations


We want to make sure that your greatest challenge is deciding which landmarks to see first or discovering the best café—not finding a place to live where you feel comfortable. We do our best to locate housing that is reflective of how the local students are living. Our goal is that when you leave Milan, it will feel like home.


Placements are available in Milanese homes throughout the city. This is a priceless opportunity to learn about Italian families first-hand and engage directly with Italian culture. You have a private or shared room at your homestay and receive breakfast and dinner daily. Enjoy your other meals at university cafeterias, bars, or restaurants. Commuting time from a typical homestay to the IES Abroad Milan Center can range from five to 40 minutes.


Share a furnished apartment located in a safe and lively district with three to six IES Abroad students. These apartments are single-sex, and you generally share a bedroom with another student. Single rooms in an apartment carry an additional fee. Apartment life is enhanced by a live-in Italian roommate called a Community Assistant (CA). These assistants can help you improve your Italian language skills, get to know the city of Milan, and integrate more fully into the local culture. The Italian CAs also spend time at the IES Abroad Center answering questions and working for the program. If improving your Italian is your priority, you may request to live in an Italian-language only apartment. Meals are not included, so you normally eat lunch at a local café or a university cafeteria, and prepare your own breakfast and dinner at home. Located on main public transportation routes near the Center, apartments offer fully-equipped kitchens, Internet access, a dishwasher, and a washing machine.

Collegio di Milano - Residence Hall

This residence for Italian and international honors students offers single rooms with private bathrooms and balconies. The facilities include a computer room, library, small gym, cafeteria, private park, security system, kitchenette, and an auditorium for special cultural programs. Breakfast and dinner are provided daily and lunch is available on weekends. Space is limited and students are chosen by the Collegio based on academic merit. Because of the extra amenities, this option carries an additional fee.

Student Life


The program begins with a short orientation to help you become familiar with the IES Abroad Milan staff, your fellow students, and the city of Milan. Topics such as academics, housing, transportation, and health and safety are covered during orientation. After orientation, you participate in a three-week intensive language program designed to help you gain practical language skills and to acclimate you to the local environment. IES Abroad schedules several excursions and tours to introduce you to the history, culture, and districts of Milan. Additionally, CORE™, IES Abroad’s Comprehensive Orientation & Re-entry Experience, begins during orientation and continues throughout the semester with activities focusing on cultural adjustment, goal achievement, and preparing for the return home.

Extracurricular Activities & Cultural Events

Redefine the way you live and learn in Milan through cultural events, such as:

  • Attending business-related guest lectures and excursions
  • Participating in language exchange with native Italian speakers
  • Attending performances at Teatro Alla Scala Opera House
  • Going to soccer games
  • Visiting museums, sporting events, and local fairs sponsored by Italian peers
  • Taking cooking lessons

Eligibility Requirements

  • 18 years of age
  • In good standing at your home school
  • 2.75 GPA or better on a 4.0 scale (GPAs under 2.75 will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Sophomore, junior, or senior standing when program begins - some local university courses may not be available to sophomores
  • No Italian required

Passport & Visa Requirements

A passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the end date of the program, with at least two blank pages is required. A student visa is required to enter Italy. Upon admission, you will receive more information about the application process and any related fees. The visa application process for non-U.S. citizens can be extremely lengthy, please contact us for more information. If you're studying with IES Abroad in Italy, you may be eligible to use the IES Abroad ACCeSS program. ACCeSS is our visa processing service in which we submit your visa application and supporting documents to the consulate for you.


Fall 2018

  • Tuition: $14,240
  • Housing: $3,630
  • Insurance: $230
  • Total: $18,100

Academic Year

  • Tuition: $25,620
  • Housing: $7,260
  • Insurance: $455
  • Total: $33,335

Consider these prices as a starting point. We encourage you to contact your study abroad office to determine the actual cost to you when factoring in financial aid, scholarships, your home school policies, and other factors.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Italian
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