Marketing Certificate


Program Description

The Marketing Certificate features a broad exposure to marketing with specific concentrations in Internet and social media marketing, marketing research, integrated marketing communication, customer experience management and analytics. The program is designed to provide a broad exposure to marketing campaign planning and execution by providing individuals with a variety of case studies and projects in which to further develop their experience in the field. It is well suited for junior or mid-level marketing professionals who are looking to grow and develop their professional expertise in marketing as well as those who may wish to pursue a career as a marketing manager.

Concepts are examined from the perspective of small to mid-sized organizations, so you are able to learn both high-level strategies as well as mid-level implementation goals. Upon completion of the program, you will have developed a broad portfolio of skills and abilities related to the latest trends in the industry.

Required courses include:

Principles of Marketing (4 credits)

Introduction to the concept of marketing and marketing principles, with a focus on how marketing creates value for the customer. Survey the marketing mix (product, price, promotion and place/distribution) and its application to products and services in profit and not-for-profit enterprises in a local, national and international environment.

Marketing Research (3 credits)

Learn how to make effective marketing decisions using marketing research. Explore market research sources, data collection, analysis, surveys, research theories and strategies. Evaluate quantitative and qualitative research with an emphasis on the value and limitations of various sources. Identify how to blend and manage marketing research sources.

Customer Experience Management (3 credits)

Develop an appreciation for the various ways customers experience products and services, from brand awareness to product and service fulfillment to loyalty programs. Examine the customer and brand experience. Identify how to create a customer experience management system. Learn to deliver exceptional customer service.

Internet and Social Media Marketing (3 credits)

Explore Internet marketing, including its components, structure and technology as well as the application of marketing concepts to social media. Learn the strategies, tools and tactics related to Internet marketing, with special attention given to the development of messaging techniques designed for specific social medial tools.

Integrated Marketing Communication (3 credits)

Survey the integration of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and the marketing mix to support marketing strategy. Learn the linkages of segmentation, targeting, positioning, buyer behavior and branding. Explore planning, budgeting, and the execution of a comprehensive, integrated marketing communication program from message development through media selection and evaluation.

Marketing Analytics (3 credits)

Learn how marketing measurement relates to business return on investment using analytics. Review top view campaign performance, tactical management and real-time campaign monitoring. Explore how to integrate results from multiple media and channels including retail, sales, direct marketing and online media. Covers use of analytics tools.

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