Managing People in an International Environment

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Managing People in an International Environment

MCE Management Centre Europe

Mid-level Managers

WHY attend this programme?

Attracting, motivating and retaining best talent in the current knowledge economy can be very challenging! Teams are often located in different parts of the world and need to perform with less resources. So how can you be a great manager? How do you define roles and get the best performance out of each individual on your team? How do you make sure your team supports the business objectives? How do you motivate people with different expectations and business experience? How do you manage in a global context with multicultural teams located in different parts of the world? By joining this programme, you will gain insights into what motivates different people, as well as learn pragmatic tools and methods for delegation, feedback and coaching to help you hire and retain your best performers.

WHO should attend?

This programme is for anyone managing a team of people in an international organization or company. Whether you are new to the role or wish to improve or refresh your people management skills, then the “MCE Managing People” programme is ideal for you.

HOW will you benefit?

As a result of participating in this programme, you will be better able to:

Build a high-performance team by

  • Clarifying the competences needed in the team, relative to the team's role in the organization's strategic context
  • Recruiting best-fit candidates into their teams by asking competency-based and behavioural questions during recruitment interviews
  • Taking into account the needs of a team at each stage of a team's life cycle

Effectively manage the performance of people on an ongoing basis by

  • Managing each person as an individual, adapting the management style to their personal style and needs
  • Setting clear objectives and delegating tasks appropriate to one's level
  • Giving constructive feedback and praise
  • Addressing poor performance

Manage the annual performance management process by

  • Setting SMART objectives aligned with the organization’s goals
  • Conducting effective performance reviews with confidence
  • Building stimulating development plans for team members utilizing a variety of development methods

Create a motivating workplace through understanding and leveraging individual sources of motivation

Use coaching as a management technique to bring the best out of each person

Adapt their people management approach in different cultures and leverage the (cultural) diversity of the team

WHAT will you learn and practice?

The MCE Managing People programme is delivered in a blended format, including pre-work activities, interaction and post-workshop action planning. You can also opt for coaching sessions with the faculty after your attendance.

Pre-work will include 2 one hour webinars, 1 online assessment and some self-study (reading, watching videos):

  • Insights Discovery personal profile assessment, taken online
  • Asynchronous threaded discussion online where participants introduce themselves, express their expectations and learning objectives, and can ask questions to faculty

1-hour virtual classroom on Personal Styles

  • Introduction to the Insights Discovery model and the 4 personal styles
  • Virtual break-out discussion in style-alike groups: What’s a good manager like?
  • Debriefing of the exercise, conclusions

Reading of articles (to be selected), e.g.

  • What Great Managers Do (HBR 1487/ Marcus Buckingham)
  • Getting Virtual Teams Right (HBR R1412J)
  • Emerging Trends in People Management (Swiss Business)
  • Gamification at Work (Bunchball)

Viewing of podcasts/videos (to be selected), e.g.

  • Podcast (20-30 minutes) produced by MCE, covering the content of two HBR articles “A New Game Plan for C Players” and “Keeping A Players Productive”
  • Other relevant videos, to be selected

4-Day classroom attendance

Module 1: You as a People Manager

  • expectations from senior management and from own team)
  • Workplace Trends
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Context of your job: strategic goals and priorities
  • Teams Diversity: personal styles, cultural differences, Generation differences, organizational culture
  • Evening assignment

Module 2: Building a High Performance Team

  • Attracting Talent
  • Competencies (knowledge, skills, behaviour)
  • Interviewing
  • Role Plays
  • On-boarding/Inductions
  • Team Development
  • Daily Performance: delegation, feedback, poor performance management
  • Team Building Exercise

Module 3: Managing Performance

  • Annual performance management process
  • Objective setting
  • Performance reviews
  • Strengths vs. weaknesses “What Great Managers Do”
  • Motivation
  • Coaching
  • Evening assignment: The Learning Styles Assessment

Module 4: Developing and Retaining Your Team

  • Development Planning and Learning Styles
  • Retention and Career Planning
  • Stress Management
  • Peer Feedback exercise
  • Key learning points and action planning

Note: The course content will include the following assessments:

  1. Insights Discovery online self-assessment
  2. Learning Styles assessment (based on Honey & Mumford’s 4 learning styles)

Post-workshop activities

Following this course, participants will be asked to:

  • Create a personal action plan of 3 learning points to implement
  • Optional: Participants can opt for a package of two personal (virtual via Skype or Zoom) coaching sessions with the faculty: two sessions of about 1 hour, with 3-4 weeks in between (every time, actions agreed for the next meeting)
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