• Develop a comprehensive and strategic vision of the organization, allowing you to interpret the competitive environment, selecting strategies, define objectives and manage corporate communications company.
  • Knowledge and tools to incorporate different functional areas of a company (Human Capital, Operations, Projects) to analyze and manage the multiple factors that impact business decisions.
  • Gain knowledge and tools of marketing and sales, in order to understand the relevant variables of an integrated marketing plan, consumer behaviors and how to build effective sales teams.
  • Applying economic and financial tools to manage management indicators, accounting information and interpretation of economic variables for decision-making.
  • Identify and experience the importance of a comprehensive and cross-organizational management through the application of business management simulators.


Executives with a minimum experience of 3 years in senior positions who seek an integrated vision of the business and the various functional areas of the organization.


  • FINANCE AND ECONOMY · 30 hours.
  • MARKETING AND SALES · 30 hours.
  • CORPORATE STRATEGY · 20 hours.
  • SIMULATION · 20 hours.


University of California at Irvine - Extension and ADEN International Business School, jointly awarded certificate of specialization (^) in Management Development to complete the hours of instruction and pass the assessments provided.

(^) Certificates of continuing education, which does not prove title or degree, to be issued in USA. ADEN reserves the right to change certifi cates, partner universities and professors for reasons of force majeure or reasons beyond it. In such cases they are replaced by others of similar prestige and academic quality.


ADEN has developed an interactive learning pedagogical model called MODEL TRANSFER PERICLES, that enables the transfer of knowledge acquired to the workplace with a practical approach; developed an interactive virtual community with a classroom supplement.

To reinforce retention and applicability a digital and board, based on mathematical models that allow to experience and play situations within the business world, where decisions are made and their impact is verified on an intensive use of simulators it is done playful environment.

The evaluation program consists of multiple-choice tests in online mode, integrative case and practice with a simulator that is registered in the Virtual Community.

This program is supported by supplementary literature authored by faculty ADEN that participants delivered.

Program taught in:
  • English
  • Spanish

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Sep 2019
Feb 2020
130 hours
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Sep 2019, Feb 2020
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Sep 2019, Feb 2020