MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Foundation Certification - (INCLUDES EXAMS)


Program Description

Included in the Course

  • Online Training Class for both MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Foundation & Practitioner
  • E-Books
  • 2 Exams Included (taken online)
  • 98% Exam Pass Rate
  • Exam support and preparation
  • Pass Guarantee* If you don’t pass, the 2nd attempt is Free
  • Participation Certificate
  • MSP Certifications mailed to you



Organizations are increasingly recognizing their need for programme management. The adoption of MSP has grown across the world as it has been established as the standard for programme management. Large, complex deliveries are often broken down into manageable, inter-related projects. For those managing this overall delivery, the principles of programme management are key to delivering on time and within budget. Managing Successful Programmes comprises a set of principles, governance themes and a transformational flow to provide the route map for the programme lifecycle. It is founded on best practice though it is not prescriptive. It is very flexible and designed to be adapted to meet the needs of local circumstances


  • Support business outcomes
  • Enable business change
  • Manage risk in line with business needs
  • Optimize customer experience
  • Show value for money
  • Continually improve
  • Creates a vision and blueprint for transformational change
  • Designs the programme to deliver the blueprint
  • Identifies the right outcomes and benefits and plans for their delivery
  • Delivers on time, to budget and desired quality
  • Breaks down initiatives into clearly defined projects and offers a framework for handling them
  • Defines responsibilities and lines of communication Involves stakeholders
  • Manages risk and ensures the programme responds to change
  • Audits and maintains quality.

Users of MSP include:

  • London Olympics
  • BP
  • BT
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Ministry of Defence

Who Should Attend

  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Those in the PMO or related functions
  • MSP certification is aimed at current and aspiring programme managers. It is also highly relevant to those who require an understanding of the terminology, principles and themes of MSP, including project managers, business change managers, senior responsible owners and portfolio/programme office personnel

Course Model

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) offers a best-practice framework for delivering complex programmes in accordance with long-term strategies and objectives.

MSP is a pragmatic approach to programme management which ensures that a strong leadership and governance structure is established and maintained. It comprises a set of principles and processes for use when managing a programme.

Founded on international best practice, it is designed to be flexible and adapted to a range of circumstances. The emphasis is on stakeholder engagement and benefits realization management. MSP has been implemented in the public and private sectors because it provides a number of benefits to the organizations undertaking programmes, including:

  • A common framework for all key parties (client, contractors and stakeholders) within which to work
  • Strong emphasis on the identification and realization of measurable benefits
  • Strong stakeholder engagement focus ensuring that stakeholders have the opportunity to participate at key stages throughout the life of the programme
  • Clear communication links between governance, the delivery team and the operational teams
  • Good governance throughout the lifecycle of the programme.

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Adept is a global training company started in 2004 which has now expanded across the globe, certifying over 100,000 professionals! We have been conducting MSP Training & Certifications for 11 years, and are full training institutes, courseware providers, and examination centers. The exam can be taken from your computer, with our full support in preparing you. The official Certificate will then be mailed to you.

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Once you’re ready for the exam, just let us know, and we will conduct it virtually from your own computer. It’s that simple. And if you don’t pass on the first try, we give another exam voucher FREE of charge! After passing, you’ll be MSP Certified and will receive your official certification in the mail.

Exam Format: The exam for FOUNDATION (multiple-choice) & PRACTITIONER (objective-testing)


  • Will be for BOTH Foundation & Practitioner Level
  • Accredited by EXIN / AXELOS
  • We are a Certified Training & Exam Center
  • Online, At Your Own Pace with 1 Year Access
  • Both Exams Included!
  • Tutor Support to help you study
  • All-Inclusive Course; No Hidden Fees
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Adept Technology Dubai is a fully accredited training center and examination provider for IT security. Since 2004, Adept Technology Dubai has certified over 100,000 professionals and been a leading t ... Read More

Adept Technology Dubai is a fully accredited training center and examination provider for IT security. Since 2004, Adept Technology Dubai has certified over 100,000 professionals and been a leading training provider for several Fortune 500 companies, governments, and SMEs. Read less