If light control is crucial in any type of photography, it becomes imperative in the case of advertising, portraiture and fashion.

Understanding the expressive and creative power of illumination ensures photographers the ability to adapt to the needs of each assignment with guaranteed success.

This course is structured so that the professional future acquire fundamental knowledge in the techniques of studio lighting, that can be applied in advertising, fashion, portrait, scientific, experimental photography ...

To achieve this goal, the dynamics of the course encourages student participation, so all practical classes are presented as actual work sessions. So, are shooting outdoors and in specialized studies and involved figures such as the art director, stylist or models.

Students have available studios and classrooms for digital production and post-production of their work, which facilitates the experience and confidence necessary to integrate into the professional field.

Also, for those who choose to expand their job opportunities, GrisArt recommends the following additional courses. - Course of Digital Image Processing - Postproduction Course and Finish - CGI Course - Course of Video for Photographers

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