What Legal English is; What Legal English isn’t.

Legal English is an After-School Course designed to introduce students to the American judicial and legislative systems. Its focus is the vocabulary and terminology of the U. S. legal system. Students will discuss various branches of law, study landmark cases and visit a local courthouse to view legal proceedings. Legal English is not a law course and therefore, students can expect their instructor to focus on legal language and know U. S. law in general terms, rather than in detail.

Who teaches Legal English?

Legal English is taught by an experienced English language instructor. Although this course is taught by someone who may not have a legal background, it will be taught by a skilled NESE teacher who is able to give you an understanding of legal language.

I am a lawyer in my country. Is Legal English right for me?

Because the instructor of this class does not have a legal background, you can expect to know more about legal matters than he does. However, you will enjoy discussing U.S. legal terminology and cases as points of comparison. Although Legal English is not an introductory law course, it is appropriate for those who plan to study law in the future.

How do I register for the Legal English?

To register for the course, simply go to NESE’s Admissions Office. Please remember that except during NESE’s January, July, and August sessions, five students must register for Legal English or the class will be cancelled. During NESE’s January, July, and August sessions, Legal English is always offered, regardless of the number of students who register. In the case of cancellation a full refund will be given. Please be advised that completion of Level 7 or initial placement into NESE’s level 8 is required to take this course.

Program taught in:
  • English (US)

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