"Having the power of a giant is wonderful. To use them like a giant is tyranny. " William Shakespeare

With this special seminar concept for executives, which comes directly from the theater business, you profit from the decades-long activity of our trainer Markus Kopf, who works as a theater director, actor and lecturer for acting in Germany and Europe.

What appeals to you, a - supposedly - to get to know completely new professional field, contains an astonishing number of parallels to your professional everyday life in leadership positions. From Henry V to Titus Andronicus, Richard III. to Antony and Cleopatra, Hamlet to Macbeth - Shakespeare has analyzed and mapped the psyches of some of the most complex, dynamic and fascinating personalities. Hardly any author has thought so much about leadership and power as the English poet laureate. Many of the deadly mistakes committed by Shakespeare's most famous protagonists are the same ones that bring executives down in boardrooms, offices, and retail spaces.

But Shakespeare's protagonists also have charisma and wit, the power of the mind, diplomacy and compassion - all the virtues that make executives successful to this day.

Leadership Meets Shakespeare offers not only the analysis of predetermined conflicts from different dramas, but also insights into their own conflict behavior. In experiencing, ie re-enacting, you recognize your unconscious impulses and emotions that motivate your actions. But even beyond the consideration of fundamental and specific conflicts of power, this executive training with the means of the theater offers you an important added value:

Learn with Shakespeare - this is what awaits you in this seminar:


  • Conflict Management by Shakespeare
  • Leadership by Shakespeare
  • Team building by Shakespeare
  • Adaptation of the findings to your professional life
  • Experience for yourself how much emotion affects your actions and how you can influence them
  • Discover methods of "black rhetoric" in Shakespeare.
  • Refine your linguistic expression as actors practice daily
  • Use the example of Shakespeare to train your quick-wittedness
  • Analysis and replay of scenes - how would you act? What is going wrong here?
  • Case studies from your professional life and how Shakespeare lived them
  • Train your rhetoric by translating Shakespearean scenes into your professional life reality.


The seminars are very practice-oriented. All contents are worked out together in individual or team exercises, case discussions as well as in plenary reflection and discussion. The speaker gives concise input from psychology, communication and management research. The participants have the opportunity to contribute their own practical examples and to reflect them through video analysis. Meaningful method changes enable a high experience and result factor.

target group

Experienced executives who seek new impulses and feedback and want to review their routines and potential.

seminar services

2 days of intensive training • certificate of participation • handout • seminar drinks • lunch together • we will meet your individual expectations in advance • upon request, we will gladly assist you with the hotel booking

seminar times

1st day 10am - 5pm
2nd day 09.00 - 16.00


1.050,00 € plus VAT for this seminar in Münster
1.150,00 € plus VAT for this seminar in Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich

Program taught in:
  • German

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This course is Campus based
Start Date
2 days
1,050 EUR
for this seminar in Münster. 1.150,00 € plus VAT for this seminar in Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich.
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